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letter to the editor
Only rain down the storm drain please

In the July 21 issue of farragutpress in “presstalk,” someone sent an e-mail asking if draining a swimming pool into the storm sewer system is OK and if the chlorine goes into the lake. This is the official response from the town of Farragut’s stormwater coordinator.

Anything that goes down a storm drain will be transported, untreated, through the separate storm sewer system into Fort Loudoun Lake. When chemicals like chlorine or other common discharges such as grease and oil are introduced to aquatic ecosystems there is the potential for a negative impact on fish and macroinvertebrate populations as well as to people. This also is a violation of the town of Farragut’s Stormwater Ordinance and is subject to enforcement action. When emptying out the chlorinated water in your swimming pool there are a couple [of] options a homeowner may use that allow them to maintain their property and avoid violating local clean water regulations.

Whenever possible, drain or backwash your pool into the sanitary sewer system. The sanitary sewer is separate from the storm sewer, and water introduced into this system will be treated and will not be introduced to your local waterways.

Or, Drain your swimming pool only when a test kit does not detect chlorine levels and drain it over the unpaved portion of your property to allow for infiltration to minimize runoff into the storm sewer system.

The town of Farragut appreciates the opportunity to address this common point of confusion and encourages citizens to call 865-966-7057, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with any additional water quality questions. We would be happy to answer them.

Jason R. Scott, CSM

Stormwater Coordinator

865-966-7057 www.TownOfFarragut.Org/



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