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• Farragut has prided itself on being an attractive community and always seemed to push signage and zoning regulations to the hilt to keep things from going downhill little by little. But I drove to a friend’s house in Crestwood addition yesterday, and was shocked at all the junk and unlicensed vehicles in driveways and yards. And in addition, many properties need severe shrub trimming and tree removal. The city fathers need to drive down the Crestwood streets to see what corrective action is obviously needed. Want to bet nothing will happen?

• I was wondering if next year at the Red, White & Blues Fourth of July celebration, the town of Farragut could do something about the weather — maybe be a little cooler or be overcast, maybe. I hope they can do something about that. I really enjoyed it.

• Via To the person calling in about swimming pool water running out of a yard and into the storm drain system. Just where does he/she want us to put our pool water from the rains? I put mine on my yard, for moisture, but then the excess just runs into the street gutter, down the street and into the storm drain at the end of the street, and I assume it eventually goes into the lake. I’m not dumping toxic oil or anything. Does the person want everyone with pools to build a retaining pond in our yards to hold excess rainwater? There is so very little chlorine in pool water (3 parts per million if properly maintained) it can’t possibly hurt the lake. Some folks don’t even use chlorine, they use salt.

• Via e-mail: I would like to respond to the article “KAT riders tell BOMA lot has too many uses.” It just seems that Alderman Ron Honken and Alderman Bob Markli hit the nail on the head. I am sure that any of the other vacant lots would work fine, have a lot more parking, and may not cost anything, or cost a lot less than the $14,000 that the Town is now being forced to pay. The old Kroger lot is logical because it is right off Campbell Station [Road], which is easy access to the Interstate and has conveniently located red lights to make entry and exit easy. The old Ingles lot is not as convenient, but also has a red light, which will make entry and exit easy. The old Food City lot is not as convenient and the red light is not located in as a convenient spot, but it would still work OK. I say it is worth a try and should be researched to save the Town some money.

• Via e-mail: I agree with the person that was upset on the condition of the old Kroger building and grounds. Ingles is keeping [its] empty building look neat and the windows clear without pieces of brown paper hanging half up and half down, with huge strips of duct tape hanging in all the windows, dead trees, weeds everywhere, graffiti on the walls and just generally a mess. The Town should do something about it. Perhaps with a fine and hit them in the pocketbook where it will get some attention. It is an embarrassment for Farragut to allow such buildings to look like this.

• Via e-mail: I say ask the old Kroger and Ingles if the town can use their parking lot for KAT and other purposes. Isn’t it worth a try to see if we can get it for free or even less than $14,000? It sounds like the people who are leasing the lot currently are taking advantage of the Town and should not get the money anyway.

• Via e-mail: Someone wrote in a few weeks ago about the danger of people turning left onto Kingston Pike from Firestone and McDonalds when it is clearly marked NO LEFT TURN. I have to agree that something needs to be done. Today I was getting into the turn lane to turn into Firestone and a large, white construction truck was making an illegal left turn onto Kingston Pike. Apparently he had been sitting there a long time because there were four cars lined up behind him. As I got into the turn lane he pulled out and missed hitting me by only inches. I thought I was going to be T-boned. If I had not slammed on my brakes I would have been. This is certainly a danger and if people are not going to obey the law, then a median should be built to prevent them from turning left.


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