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• Tom Rosseel, I believe, was beat in one of the Farragut aldermen races. Is he now trying to stop Costco from coming to Farragut, due to the snail-darters, deer, squirrels, turkeys and whatever else is in that area? We were glad to learn where these squirrels, deer and turkeys are located. We have always enjoyed squirrel dumplings, deer roast and big turkey breasts [and] know now where to get them when seasons open. Hurry and come on, Costco. We want to be the first one in the door.

• I want to wish the residents of Powell Acres the best of luck in their deliberations with the town of Farragut and the oncoming construction and building of Costco. We — the residents of Shiloh, Derby Chase, Glen Abbey, Farragut Crossing and Belleaire — found out that when money talks, ethics walk when it came to protecting our subdivisions and our neighborhood and our covenants and our restrictions, when a certain extremely large power [inaudible] church in this area decided it wanted to expand and not keep the verbal commitment it had made to the neighborhood. The road to Belleaire was [inaudible] against all the wishes of the people of these subdivisions and houses were torn down that we were told they would not be, and the list goes on and on. I just want to wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you’re treated better than we were.

• Via e-mail: In regards to the “Costco site plan approved” article in the July 28 issue of farragutpress, in the article it discusses that the FMPC is requiring that Costco go to Knox County for approval to relocate Farlow Drive as part of the new store’s site plan. This is another case of the town of Farragut imposing [its] will on a neighborhood that chose not to be in the town limits when Farragut was incorporated in 1981 [sic]. First the FMPC allows APR to place the recycling center at the front of our neighborhood and now they want to relocate our road to fit the needs of Costco. So now we get to deal with all the Turkey Creek traffic, Costco traffic and a road relocation, which will take at least a year [to] complete. I think FMPC’s attitude would be different if this was in the front of their neighborhood and had to look at it everyday! I recommend that the town of Farragut keep [its] plans to property inside the Town limits or annex us from Knox County.

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut is asking Costco to move Farlow Drive at the request of Tennessee Department of Transportation, which has jurisdiction over roads connecting to state highways such as Kingston Pike. TDOT, Knox County, town of Farragut and the Costco site property owners are in agreement that lining up the roads at a traffic-signal controlled intersection would be safer for all parties, including the residents of the neighborhood. As far as the recycling center, town of Farragut had no role, influence or part in the establishment of the center. It is not within the town of Farragut limits. The Town leaders all applauded APR, as a neighborly gesture, for locating the recycling center nearby.

• Via e-mail: Parking in fire lanes must be OK because I saw a Rural Metro Fire Department engine parked in the one in front of Kroger Sunday with no flashing lights and no one aboard. There also were four other vehicles, most with no drivers, parked in the fire lane in front of the engine. How funny would it be if all the self-proclaimed important Farragut people all decided to park in the lane?

• Via e-mail: Your article, “Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday” helps readers participate in the sales tax holiday, when it should be warning them about the long term consequences of this boondoggle. A three-day sales tax holiday for selected items does nothing to provide relief to low-income taxpayers during the other 362 days of the year. In the long run, sales tax holidays leave an unfair tax system basically unchanged. It’s worth noting that wealthy families benefit from the holiday too and they have an even greater ability to shift their spending to take advantage of the tax break. Sales tax holidays are also costly. Tennessee can ill afford to stop collecting taxes, even for just a couple of days. Revenue lost through sales tax holidays will ultimately have to be made up somewhere else, either through painful spending cuts or increasing other taxes. Well-intentioned policymakers need to understand that sales tax holidays are simply too insignificant, poorly targeted and too temporary to meaningfully change the regressive nature of a state’s tax system. If they really want to help Tennesseans’ bottom lines, they should work to make the state’s tax structure fairer, permanently.

• Via e-mail: I just got my electric bill from LCUB and again there was that TVA Fuel Cost charge. I guess I was truly hoping it would eventually go away. Only this time it was 40 percent of the cost of my kilowatt charge. A 40 percent surcharge, what are they thinking? That we are all really so rich we won’t bat an eye at this extra cost. I am so tired of paying these outrageous fuel costs and was wondering if others are getting hit as we are. Even though our kilowatt charge was much less than five months ago, the Fuel Cost charge was much higher. We are a one-income family (husband lost his job) and are budgeting the pennies, as most, and yet feel we are getting ripped off! We conserve energy with the lights, air, shut off rooms, etc., and yes, I understand costs are rising and need to be passed on, but at 40 percent ... something is not right in TVA land. I did send a “Not Happy” letter with my last bill and hope others will do the same to get some of these excessive extra costs in more control. If you look at your past bills you will see we have been paying these extra costs for a very long time. I would love to hear from TVA on how they justify these out-of-control costs.

Editor’s Note: TVA advises that the recent heat wave, lack of rain for hydro-electric power production, higher fuel costs and $90 million in fuel purchases to replace power normally produced by Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Power Plant all contributed to about a 2.8 cent per kilowatt hour Fuel Cost Adjustment. TVA added heavy rains and more hydro-electric power production in April and May resulted in a lower Fuel Cost Adjustment in those months.

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