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• Despite what the mayor and vice mayor may think, insisting on calling the town of Farragut “historic” is just plain ridiculous. It is also untruthful and manipulative marketing that is bound to hurt our Town credibility and ultimately damage the Town brand they are trying so hard to establish. Think again, please.

• I find it interesting that former Town Board member Tom Rosseel is all up in arms about the wildlife that might be displaced about Costco coming in. And when the residents of Belleaire and Shiloh and Derby Chase and Glen Abbey and Farragut Crossing voiced their concerns about not wanting Belleaire Road moved, not wanting 25 percent of the Belleaire subdivision destroyed for parking lots and ball fields and church buildings for a lot of reasons, and including displacement of wildlife, destruction of mature, beautiful trees — he was not the least bit concerned. Makes me wonder if he’s just trying to get back at the people who didn’t vote for him. And also, he seems to forget there’s an awful lot of commercial and industrial development already up along the area [and] that wildlife is surviving just fine. You can drive down through the Turkey Creek shopping area, you can drive down through Kingston Pike in that area and [inaudible] run across the road. You can see all sorts of birds, chipmunks, ground hogs and wild turkeys wandering through the sides of the road. Why don’t you tell us what your real motives are, Rosseel?

• I’m calling about The Farm at Willow Creek, where the town of Farragut is having to bail out the incorrect storm system that was put in that subdivision. It’s terrible that we’re having to spend our money to do this, but on the other hand I guess the town of Farragut deserves this because they should have inspected installation of the sewer system to begin with. Did they or did they not?

• I was just wondering: has anyone ever pointed out to Costco’s big wigs and Mayor [Ralph] McGill how pathetic the new Costco site really is? It’s at one of the busiest intersections in Knox County and now we have to add two stop lights and probably new turn lanes when, if Costco had located beside the Home Federal Bank on Parkside Drive, there’s already ample room and a stop light there. Duh.

Editor’s Note: The Parkside Drive lot located between Home Federal Bank and JCPenney already is slated for another development, a grocery store. In addition, Costco developments typically require a great deal of space. The Lovell Road site is about 26 acres; the Parkside Drive site is just shy of 14.

• Via I am in agreement with the reader that complained about the outrageous TVA Fuel Costs. We knew that the cost of their mistakes from the spillage disaster would eventually fall to the consumer. I am enclosing a letter that we received from LCUB recently with our bill. It says “In the past, a portion of TVA’s fuel costs were included in the base rate part of your electric bill — the part that primarily covers TVA’s cost of building and operating power plants and transmission lines. The rest of TVA’s fuel costs were recovered through the monthly fuel cost adjustment on your bill. This fuel cost increases monthly, depending on how much TVA pays for fuel and purchased power.” The letter went on to say that effective April 2011, all of TVA’s fuel costs would be recovered through the total monthly fuel cost and that the consumer would not be charged any more money, that it was “simply moving charges from one portion of your bill to another.” I looked up TVA’s rates at After much figuring, I was unable to find a formula that, using the rates listed on the website, would calculate the amount we were charged. Therefore, I decided to give LCUB a call. The answer that I received from LCUB was not satisfactory. I was told that the amount listed on the TVA website was not the figure that [LCUB] used. The person that I spoke with could not explain the rate used other than “it is what [TVA] gives us every month to use.” I wrote a letter to Bill Sansom, Chairman Finance, Rates & Portfolio Committee, Tennessee Valley Authority, 400 W. Summit Hill Drive, Knoxville, TN 37902 and copied LCUB. I asked that either TVA post the correct rates on their website and/or LCUB employees be told how the rates were calculated so that they could tell their customers. The letter to Mr. Sansom was dated July 25. To date, Aug. 4, 2011, I have not received a response from either Mr. Sansom or LCUB.

• Via If Farragut, founded in 1980, can be called historic by our building a “historic downtown” and declaring the town “historic,” does that mean that I, born in 1979, can declare myself a senior citizen, and thus receive senior citizen discounts at Farragut restaurants?

Editor’s Note: No, the Social Security Administration and AARP also aren’t buying in on that theory.

• Via To the reader that is still complaining about Belleaire. Let’s tell the other side of the story. First Baptist Concord purchased the houses that they tore down on Belleaire and they paid fair market value and in some instances, more than fair market value. The owners of these houses made the decision to sell; they were not coerced. The entrance to the subdivision is much improved. First Baptist worked with the town of Farragut to comply with required ordinances. I wish you, as you say, “the best of luck,” in getting over this stale piece of news. Peace to you!

• Via e-mail: There they go again. With the new official Farragut definition of historic, the Board can now be declared historic too. Maybe it’s time to make this crew history!

• Via e-mail: Wow! If a 30-year old city is historic, this Board must be ancient history!

• Via e-mail: I wonder if Mayor [Ralph] McGill and the Board [of Mayor and Aldermen] have misread George Orwell’s novels. Just because the Board proclaims the Town is historic doesn’t make it historic. What’s next? Will they declare that some residents are more equal than others?

• Via We elect public officials to make smart decisions and carefully use our Town funds for the benefit of the majority of our citizens. However, when politicians are more interested in being popular with whatever vocal group happens to show up at their meetings to demand something or they don’t have the political courage to say “NO” to bad ideas, the rest of us suffer. Two glaring recent examples of this are the Farragut Board [of Mayor and Aldermen] agreeing to repair the private stormwater drainage system for The Farm at Willow Creek and its few homeowners at a cost now estimated to be about $600,000 in Town funds (more than four times what we were first told) and underwriting the KAT Express Bus for several thousand more dollars even though it only carries a very small number of riders and even less TOF citizens. It sure looks like some of our leaders have forgotten whose money they are spending and how to use it fairly when they do. Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Hopefully at the next election a majority of the Farragut voters will show these folks the doorway out!

• Via OMG, are you kidding me? What kind of fantasy universe is the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen living in? Did somebody put “magic mushrooms” in their salad or something? How can they think that just by saying so, that by waving the magic wand of BOMA, that the town of Farragut is suddenly “Historic?” I feel as though I have fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice. What bothers me most is that we chose these guys to be in charge of our Town.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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