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Westside QBs high on Pennington Camp
Taking at least one year off, ex-Webb NFL QB to become Fox color analyst

After 11 seasons as a National Football League quarterback, Chad Pennington has taken his hands off the pigskin and will become a Fox Network NFL color analyst.

However, this former Webb School of Knoxville All-state quarterback is very much hands-on running his annual Pennington Quarterback & Receiver Camp at Webb, which took place this year July 11-13.

Just ask four Westside quarterbacks, among 80 quarterbacks and receivers — rising eighth-grader to rising high school senior — at this year’s camp from as far away as West Virginia.

Nathan White, a rising freshman quarterback at Hardin Valley Academy who finished his third Pennington camp in 2011, said it has “really taught me more about footwork and how to throw the ball at what time. Chad’s not just standing back there yelling at you, he’s really showing you what to do on all kinds of things: on drops, what passes to throw and when, and different routes, so it’s really helped me a lot.”

For example, “Teaching us the weak spots of cover two and cover three [defenses],” White said. “And with different patterns, you throw it differently. … That you have to be knowledgeable with the receiver, both be on the same page so you throw it to the right receiver at the right time.”

Jake Morgenstern, a rising sophomore quarterback at Bearden High School, has been to a couple of Pennington camps.

“I used to hitch, and this [camp] helped take that out. … He’s helped me with my elbow, telling me I need to keep my elbow up because sometimes my elbow drops when I throw,” Morgenstern said.

“He helps with a lot of my fundamentals, the dropbacks and everything, and it helped me a lot.”

Led by Morgenstern in 2010, the Bulldogs freshman team went 9-1. After the 2010 camp leading up to that successful freshman season, “It helped me relax,” Morgenstern said. “It helped me get my form down even better.

“Chad gets to work with us one-on-one,” Morgenstern added.

Jack Grayson, a rising junior quarterback at Webb School of Knoxville, also finished his second Pennington camp.

“I’m learning the fundamentals, like the five-step drop and proper shoulder position and ball placement,” Grayson said. “Quite a bit of information to take in.”

“He’s very hands-on, like watching every play,” Grayson added. “Some of my drops, I have a bad tendency of stepping too far outside, and he’s correcting that and making me, like, step straight backwards. Line up with the receivers better. … ‘Make sure you keep your feet parallel with the line of scrimmage.’”

“He does that with everyone here, he’s a great guy always working individually with players.”

Joseph Underwood, a rising sophomore quarterback at HVA, finished his third camp this year.

“When I was throwing I wanted to hunch my shoulders and go down and over-step,” Underwood said. “He’s taught me to stand up tall when I’m throwing the ball and to keep the ball farther up.”

“He said, ‘Joseph, you need to stop over-striding when you’re throwing the football,’” Underwood added. “You’re going too low; you want to stay higher up and keep your shoulders up.”


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