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• Yeah, hey, just wondering: where are the famous Farragut sign police when it comes to enforcing the illegal [local business] sign out in front? Huh. Maybe they don’t see it. Bye.

• I would like to make a comment about the Farragut High School gymnasium. I have a child that [sic] plays sports and has had to practice in that gym. It has no air conditioning; it has fans, but no air conditioning. We live in Farragut. I know the school is old, but it looks like we would have air conditioning in that gym. Everybody in the community talks about how hot Farragut’s gym is, and we talk about the heat index that the kids can’t play in outside, but yet we have a gym that has no air conditioning. And you go to all the other gyms and they have air conditioning. There’s a simple solution for air conditioning units that can be put in that don’t require ductwork; they just hang from the ceiling in big tubes. But I would like for Farragut High School to get an air conditioner in the gym.

Editor’s Note: Upgrades to the physical plant at Farragut High School are purchased by Knox County Schools. KCS is putting its monetary resources behind building a new school in the Carter community to the extent Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was willing to put public resources on the market to raise funds.

• Have any of you readers wondered who is behind cutting the foliage on the Interstate right-of-way on U.S. 40 just west of Lovell Road? It has been nearly clear-cut to expose the newly opened, high-class flea market, and further down the road, the clear-cutting exposes the Lamar advertising sign. Someone is behind this. Could it be a politician? Mr. [Dan] Barile [editor of farragutpress], do some investigating. Wondering minds want to know.

Editor’s Note: The property is Tennessee Department of Transportation right-of-way and can be cleared by businesses and the public with permission from TDOT.

• Via e-mail: The current difficulties we face are a result of a minority but significant fraction of the middle class voting against their own economic self-interest, year after year at every level of government, due to perceived non-economic issues fabricated by persons and organizations who gain benefits from these very predictable voting patterns that they could not otherwise achieve.

• Via Let’s be clear. The LAND the town of Farragut sits on is historic, not the town itself. The Town Hall sits on actual acreage where the Battle of Campbell Station was fought, part of the Civil War. I encourage you to visit the Farragut Folklife Museum to learn of historic happenings in our area. It houses Civil War artifacts from the battle that were recovered from the Farragut baseball field. To mention a few others, we have the historic Campbell Station Inn on Kingston Pike and the gravesite of Archibald Roane, Tennessee governor from 1801 to 1803 is buried in Pleasant Forest Cemetery.

Editor’s Note: The Campbell Station Inn, located at the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, is listed on the real estate market. The Inn could be destroyed if the purchaser of the land so chooses.

• Via e-mail: Let us set the record straight regarding the bashers of Mr. Tom Rosseel. Tom is a concerned citizen that [sic] was asked to help. Originally, Tom was approached by the residents of Stonecrest and Powell Acres because of the possible encroachment on our subdivisions by Mercy Hospital’s attempted purchase of private property for a parking lot. This property is located in the Stonecrest subdivision. Stonecrest and Powell Acres residents were vehemently opposed to this and Tom, being a former resident of Stonecrest, came to our aid when we asked for his help. Had this sale gone through, the residents of Powell Acres would have been flooded out of their homes due to the reconfiguration of the Stonecrest property for the parking lot, not to mention the lights and noise, and traffic 24/7 to the residents of Stonecrest. When the pending construction of the Costco building was announced Tom was called. Tom was called not to “Save the Critters” but was called to help the Powell Acres residents with the Costco construction and the environmental effect it will have in this subdivision. The pending Costco property sits much higher than the Powell Acres property and the possibility of serious flooding would be imminent. Mr. Rosseel has knowledge of the town of Farragut, since he was an alderman [and member of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission] in the past. It was unfortunate that Tom was not re-elected [because] he was on the same ticket as former Mayor Eddy Ford and not because he wasn’t qualified. He is not a “Tree Hugger” as you bashers have very wrongly accused him. Tom knows the procedures of the Town and again has helped thwart another disaster. None of us are against Costco, just concerned about the impact on these two Farragut subdivisions. Mr. Rosseel has done more to help the citizens of Farragut than [either of] our two north aldermen have done.

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