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• Via There are two issues currently being pushed by the Town’s elected officials that surely cannot be what the majority of the residents feel is a prudent use of our tax dollars. The first issue is the creation of materials, supported with advertising to promote Farragut as a historical town. The premise for this hoax is to try and lure in tourism dollars to see our many historical sites. Now speaking for [me] and [my] family, if we were tourists deliberately making a stop at historical Farragut, I would be extremely disappointed. The museum in the Town Hall, which in itself is not historic, is hardly what most people would be expecting along with a few minor Civil War markers. Truly the funds that are set aside to perpetrate this hoax could be put to a better use. If our only way to generate new revenue is to hoodwink the public then I believe that on moral grounds this is wrong. The second foolishness is the plan to remove working, paid-for lighting and replace it with new “historical” street fixtures. The sheer magnitude of the expense to support this foolishness is amazing. What does “historic” lighting do on Campbell Station [Road]? Does it obliterate the many non-historical buildings and signs? Will the Christmas traffic be comforted by the gentle touch from the past? There are so many reasons why we should make sure that our tax dollars are not wasted on this project. I ask all residents to be heard and demand a stop to this fiscal horror. Let them know we want better stewardship of our trust.

• Via e-mail: If the leadership organizing the next “Taste of Farragut” wants to elevate the public’s opinion of our fair town they should consider adding a rule for restaurants hoping to participate. Far too many Farragut restaurants fail the Knox County Health Department’s twice a year inspections. (The PASSING SCORE IS 70.) I suggest that any restaurant that has failed an inspection in the past three years is not eligible to participate in the next “Taste of Farragut” event.

Editor’s Note: Restaurant inspections are not “black and white.” The score is subjective based on the inspector. A restaurant scoring 90 overall could have been found storing chemicals above food, a 10-point deduction. Attentive diners could spot three critical violations in nearly every restaurant operating during peak dining periods. Inspection scores for restaurants may be found at

• Via e-mail: I find the proposed lighting on Campbell Station Road too industrial for a bedroom community and not “historical” in its motif. It appears “sterile.” Also not sure we need to spend $500,000 on a lighting project based on current economic conditions. Just because we have it doesn’t mean we need to spend it. If we don’t have it then we definitively don’t need to spend it.

Editor’s Note: The photo in “thruthelens” is of the existing lights along Campbell Station Road, not the proposed “historic” lighting.

• Via I read about the proposed lighting change in Farragut in your newspaper and wanted to ask, aren’t all those lights on Campbell Station [Road] already brand new since the road was widened? So let me get this straight, the town is going to spend a HALF MILLION dollars on new street lights and do away with the existing NEW street lights? Who in the heck is the planner that was so brilliant in this one? I’m glad I checked the maps to see if I live in the town of Farragut, and thankfully, I don’t, and never will. If this kind of insanity continues, I will make an effort to spend outside of Farragut as well. This is a complete waste of money.

• Via e-mail: So we can afford a half a million for silly mood lights but can’t afford a community center? I guess when it’s other people’s money, why should the Board care!

• Via e-mail: I just had to laugh when I read the latest silly litany of imaginary complaints against Mr. [Tom] Rosseel. Apparently, some poor soul has forged a Marley-like chain of regret in his fantasy life. What a hoot!

• Via When I first heard that the town of Farragut had a plan to spend $500K to replace the lighting recently installed as part of the Campbell Station road upgrade, I thought that it must, surely, be a joke. In my opinion, to spend Town funds to replace this very functional and relatively attractive lighting is both unnecessary and frivolous. I truly hope that the Town does NOT move forward with this plan. These funds should be used to fix things that are actually broken and provide needed services in the town. For example, $500,000 would go a long way toward establishing a brush/leaf pickup service.

• Via e-mail: The Town just replaced the lights along Campbell Station Road when the road was widened, didn’t [it]? Weren’t the light poles the Town took down about 30 years old, much closer in years to being actual historic lights.

• Via e-mail: Get real, people. Installing “vintage” 1980s streetlights will not make Farragut historic. Another 70 years AND doing something of significance might. I come from a 60-year-old town that was the birthplace of a famous general and home to two governors and no one considers the town historic. Town leaders should leave the existing efficient streetlights in place on Campbell Station Road and use that half million dollars to upgrade the reflective road signs to meet the upcoming federal standards. That would improve Farragut road safety for residents and visitors.

• Via e-mail: Regarding the installation of “historic” style lighting along Campbell Station Road at a cost of $500,000, our so-called Town leaders need to differentiate between “want” and “need.” The new pole lighting is adequate and should serve this area for a long time.

• I just want to remind everyone that the 10th anniversary is coming up of the 9/11 tragedy. This was not just an accident of terrorism; this was cold, calculated, brutal murder. Almost 3,000 people died in this vicious attack including over 200 rescue personnel — firefighters, police, paramedics and so forth. I’m asking everyone on 9/11, that’s Sept. 11, 2011, to please not only wear a red, white and blue pin to show support for survivors and families who lost loved ones during these hideous 9/11 attacks; but also to wear a purple ribbon in remembrance and support of all victims of violent crime, of all those who have lost loved ones to violent crime. Because 9/11 was murder, pure and simple. For those of us who have had to live through the criminal justice system as a survivor of violent crime and survivors of murder victims, we know, to a great degree, what the survivors of 9/11 have had to deal with for the past 10 years. So please tie ribbons to your mailbox, to your car antenna, to your doorknob, and please proudly wear red, white and blue and a purple ribbon. Thank you.

• I would like to make a comment regarding adding historic lighting along Campbell Station Road. I’m glad we want to make our Town look nice, but I really think $500,000 could be more wisely spent in adding sidewalks from the Stonecrest Center down to the schools, adding sidewalks to Admiral Road so that people don’t have to take their lives in their hands when they walk up and down these roads. I really think we need to make better use of this money when we have lights that are up and function great. Thank you.

• In regards to historic Farragut: if being named for a famous person makes a place historic, then Dollywood is much more historic than Farragut will ever be. Town leaders should forget the historic theme and spend their time bringing in business with new jobs.

• In regards to putting historic type lights along the Campbell Station [Road] at the cost of $500,000, that money would be better spent to put a stop light at Kohl’s and Kingston Pike or either Glen Abbey and Kingston Pike. There are too many people [who] are speeding, and I myself have just recently had an accident there due to people not paying attention, and one of those being myself. So I think the money could be put to better use otherwise.

• Lighting on Campbell Station Road is wonderful just as it is. The time to think about putting up something that would be historic in nature was before these lights were put up. $500,000 could better be spent resurfacing roads and taking care of other needs in the Town. This is absolutely irresponsible on the part of the Town council.

• Where did the town of Farragut get $500,000, or where did they come up with the money to put in these so-called historic style lights? I hope it is not so-called stimulus money that the government and us do not have.

• For the town of Farragut to spend $500,000 on historic lighting along Campbell Station Road is a complete and utter waste of money. That money would be far better spent going toward a community center.

• I’m not in favor of spending $500,000 for lights in a historical town when there’s nothing historic about Farragut.

Editor’s Note: Farragut has plenty of history. David Campbell founded Campbell Station, N.C., around 1785 along Turkey Creek. In 1824, after Tennessee became a state, Campbell sold the property to Samuel Martin, who built the house at the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road to serve as an inn. The house served as a major stopping point for settlers heading to Middle Tennessee from Knoxville. Among the guests was President Andrew Jackson. Martin also built a horse racing track in what is now Thornton Heights. About 75 years later, The Battle of Campbell Station was fought during the War Between the States in the heart of what is now the town of Farragut. The battle, which pitted forces of Confederate Gen. James Longstreet against Union Gen. Ambrose Burnside, was won by the Union and stopped the CSA army from regaining control of Knoxville.

• Concerning the historical lighting for a half a million dollars. We need to stop spending money for things the public does not approve and does not vote on. That amount of money, if they’re going to continue this sort of free spending, probably should be put back and we probably have taxes that are too high, if this is the kind of thing we can spend our money on.

• Hi. I’d like to go on record as being very much against the expenditure of $500,000 — a half a million — for so called historic lighting. That’s a waste of money. When we don’t have enough money for education, [and] we’re cutting back in so many areas, we don’t need this lighting. They need to use it for some other purpose. Maybe they could donate it to the schools. That would be a better use.

• Inquiring minds would like to know if the red-light camera czar is going to announce that the camera intersections in Farragut are now in compliance with the new right-turn-on-red [state] law, which went into effect July 1, 2011. Just wondering.

Editor’s Note: According to Farragut’s Photo Enforcement manager Ben Harkins, Farragut has not cited vehicles for illegally turning right on red since July 1. The new state law, which went into effect that day, allows municipalities to use cameras to ticket for right turns on red only if right turns on red are completely prohibited at that intersection.


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