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ourview: historic lighting

Much talk has taken place concerning the Town replacing the existing new street lights along Campbell Station Road with new “historic” fixtures — a goal outlined in the Town’s strategic plan.

Using the words “new” and “historic” in the same sentence, and in this case, about the same lighting fixtures, creates what is called an oxymoron — a combination of contradictory words often exemplefied by such phrases as “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence.”

And that is what Town leaders have created with this project — an oxymoronic state. In other words, a use of public money contradictory to the will of the people of Farragut.

Not only does the project call for spending $550,000 of public money, it makes no sense to attempt to disguise a new five-lane super thoroughfare, created to allow Farragut residents fast access to and from the Interstate, as a “historic route.”

To paraphrase one Town alderman who eloquently commented on another project: You can’t build “historic” structures. You can build new strucures that look historic.

But then, why make new look old?

Nothing along Campbell Station Road is old, much less historic.

The closest structure of “historic” importance is the Russell House located at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike. The house faces the Pike.

The Russell House is on the market — asking price about $2 million — and, depending on the buyer, could be torn down and replaced with a gas station or convenience store.

The Town looked into acquiring the property when it went on the market. However, no agreement for purchase was reached.

Five hundred thousand dollars would make a hefty down payment on the property and make more sense.

The time to place “historic” lighting along CSR would have been when Tennessee Department of Transportation was widening the road and on its nickel, not now.


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