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• In regard to the replacement of [street]lights at Campbell Station Road at such an outrageous cost, why not use that money for more useful purposes? It seems that the Town fathers want to impress people with the “great lighted way.” Some of the Town’s older subdivisions could use a few lights, which would make their streets a bit safer. This is an example of the problem our country faces right now: wasteful spending trying to impress others and not using common sense. As a person who lives on Social Security and a tight budget, it seems we need some thoughtful planning before we waste thousands of dollars just to impress people, when the present lights are just fine.

• It’s Thursday morning, Sept. 15, it’s around 7:30 and as usual, I am going through the school zone near the Farragut Primary [School]. I am going the speed limit. I have had parents with children in their cars passing me at excessive rates of speed. I have had people riding my bumper. I just saw someone run a red light. I don’t understand the mentality of these people who think they are above the law. And I am totally and thoroughly disgusted with our elected officials, who have decided that red-light camera tickets [for illegal right turns on red] do not have to be paid. Of course, considering that our governor and his family own a company that has massive amounts of money tied up in trucks that haul goods across the state, and it would cost them a small fortune to have to pay all the tickets, I’m sure their drivers rack up, I guess it’s not surprising. Why can’t the people in Farragut just do the right things for the right reasons? Is that such a difficult concept to grasp? I [inaudible] what other people think about these parents that drive at breakneck speeds and run red lights in school districts with their children in the car, especially the ones that don’t themselves or their children in seatbelts? I mean, are you asking to get your family killed? What’s going on?

• I’m calling about the new lighting system, the new lights, that are to be installed on Campbell Station Road. I like the idea of that, and I get so tired of seeing items written in there about the people who dislike everything — anything that comes up, they dislike it. But I think the new lighting system would absolutely be great. It is the entrance to Farragut and I think it should look the best we can possibly make it. And it does already, with the widening of the street, but I like that idea of the new lights and I hope they will proceed with putting them in. Thank you very much.

• Via As of this date, [A Farragut business] has not painted blue or yellow stripes between the [handicap] parking and the entrance to the store. Cars will not stop for HC people or anyone walking in this space. Is it true that [this Farragut business] said the city of Farragut should pay for it and the City said it is up to [the Farragut business] to pay for it? People drive in front of the store like it is a race track. It looks like [the Farragut business] does not care about the safety of their customers. Keep up the good work.

• Via While using the recycling center recently near Lovell Road, I accidentally recycled something important. I didn’t realize it until several hours later and rushed back to the recycling center after dark, only to discover that the mixed paper bin had been removed. My heart sank. I called the number on one of the other bins and Eddie Bales picked up the call. He is with Advanced Polymer Recycling that supplies the center. Through tears, I told him what I had done and he reassured me not to give up hope. The following day, he even looked for my item in the recycling yard at his business downtown. Today, I went to the yard myself, got in the bin, and found the item. I never expected anyone to try to retrieve it for me, so I just wanted to let everybody know that there are nice people in this world. Eddie went out of his way to help me and that is so comforting to know that there are still people that will go an extra mile for a stranger. The recycling center off Kingston Pike is always clean and neat, and so convenient. Please use the center ... it doesn’t take much effort to recycle and I feel it’s the right thing to do.

• Via e-mail: This is the car driver that last week’s bicyclist spoke of. It would seem that we will just have to agree to disagree on how things happened. Therein lies one of the problems I spoke of two weeks ago. Seems the bicyclists do not respect the drivers and in turn the drivers don’t respect the bicyclists. One issue causes the other. It is an issue in Farragut. The roads are too narrow in most places to handle the traffic of the bicycles and cars. Then we tend to fight over the space and speed of the road. All parties seem to want to take the law into their own hands to resolve whatever driving or bicycling issue they feel they may have. Agree or disagree on the story of how it happened that morning, my main question to begin with weeks ago, is it safer for us to take whatever law we feel the other broke into our own hands? — a bit like drivers and bicyclists alike picking and choosing which rules to follow. We seem to not need to stop at stop signs (especially turning right, ha ha). We don’t have to give one another the space required. We don’t have to signal. If you pass in the passing zone and the person being passed doesn’t like it, they can block you. Any car can yell and cuss any bicyclist and any bicyclist can yell and cuss any driver. The only road rules that anybody seems to want to follow are the ones they feel like are important for the day. The rest don’t seem to apply. You and I alike probably broke a rule or two that morning. We would have broke those rules in yelling at one another about the rules. What did we accomplish? We still don’t agree. I think if we all start respecting one another on the road it would make things a lot better. So if the ones on the bikes will start respecting the cars and the cars start respecting the bikes, flow on the narrow roads will be much better and safer. Respect or no respect, agree or don’t agree, none of us need to take the law into our own hands, us included. By all means enjoy riding your bike, because I know I will enjoy driving my car.

• Via Regarding the Campbell Station lighting project, hopefully the current lights can be sold on eBay. It seems that if Farragut wants to generate revenue, adding a few speed cameras on our lovely five-lane Campbell Station speedway is the perfect solution to fund the half-million dollar project. Oak Ridge has been very successful reducing speed and generating revenue using speed cameras. It would help all the families walking, running and biking to have a safer environment.

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