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• My Fox Den neighbors and I have noticed a recent marked increase in mosquito activity in our area. I have not seen this in 18 years. I understand TVA has a safe water measure to deal with a mosquito problem, but I could not reach anyone in [its] environmental department. I was trying to get educated because I’ve heard from Andover [subdivision] people, too, that they’re having this problem, but when I was referred by the Town and the County to the [Knox] County Environment Health Department representative, the representative was just curt, just saying there’s no more money to deal with mosquitoes. She was not helpful. I also left a message with our County Commissioner Richard Briggs. Are any other readers dealing with this problem? And can anyone educate us or shed some light on this? With West Nile Virus a concern in our country today, are we at risk?

• Via e-mail: What a great Taste of Farragut this year!! Crowd looked bigger than last year and the food and wine was great. Can’t wait till next year.

• Via e-mail: My wife and I had a wonderful time at the Taste of Farragut on Friday night. It was good to see such a happy event that brings the community together. We need more events like this.

• Via e-mail: Any idea if the Town administration is listening to the people of Farragut and their outrage over spending $500k for new lights on Campbell Station Road? Have they had any response to the public outcry over this or are they planning to ignore the townspeople’s wishes and go ahead with this ridiculous waste of money instead of using [it] wisely on a community center, police department or many other more worthy uses?

• Via e-mail: Bravo! to the folks that put on the Taste of Farragut. This year’s event was stellar and I found a lot of new restaurants that may soon become our family favorites.

• Via e-mail: Once again Farragut Business Alliance has done something great for the residents of Farragut. The Taste of Farragut was so much fun. We left with our bellies full of great food and wine and our feet sore from dancing so much to the great music. Can’t wait till next year!

• Via e-mail: I think we need some red-light cameras on the calming islands. We could also add some historical lighting to brighten them up as well.

• Via e-mail: Can the town sell the rights to decorate the calming islands for Halloween and Christmas? Just think of the possibilities. Once the town collects the money and they are decorated, they can resell the rights again after some motorist drives through them.

Editor’s Note: It has been suggested to Town Hall that it would be appropriate to decorate the “islands of terror” for Halloween.

• Via e-mail: The Taste of Farragut has become an event we look forward to each year and this year’s event was the best ever. Loved the versatility of all the different restaurants. Great way to try them and decide which ones to go to for dining. One thing, it showed how badly [the landlord] is letting its property go downhill with dead trees, weeds taller than me, and old brown paper and duct tape hanging loose on their windows. With events being held in their parking lot they need to step it up and clean it all up. At least that would show they care and respect the people in Farragut [who] give them business.

• Via e-mail: I have been so thankful to see other people writing in about people turning left from McDonald’s and Firestone when a sign says “no left turn.” It is such a dangerous left-hand turn. Can the Town not do something about this before someone gets killed or badly injured?


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