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• I think the lady that gave the [Admiral Farragut] monument away should bring it back to Farragut and I think Farragut should find a special place for it, since the lady that gave it away said she didn’t want to see it anymore. Maybe somebody could find out where it went and get the town of Farragut to bring it back, because it needs to come back to Farragut. I can’t believe that this lady paid money to have this marker taken away. If it weighed two tons, it must have cost a fortune just to get rid of it. I’m not sure she actually did that; maybe it’s just in her garage.

• I know Ingles likes to give back to the community, but I think the next time there’s an event at the [property adjacent to Ingles], they should mark off some parking spaces for Ingles customers only and let the festival goers park down in front of the car wash or down in front of the closed Ingles store, instead of blocking all the parking spaces for the Ingles customers. Thank you.

• About the Admiral Farragut historic monument stone — has anyone checked the lake below where it used to sit? My bet is that it was dumped in the lake.

• Regarding the missing Admiral Farragut marker, of course I’d like to have the marker returned to the DAR. All the information now about its disappearance indicates some spiteful and mean-spirited behavior by the property owner. I would also be interested in knowing how much money, if any, was given to the property owner for this marker. Thank you.

• I was just driving west on Grigsby Chapel Road near St. Charles Lane and an SUV passed me in the turn lane. I have seen this happen before. Some people, they’re either ignorant or they think the laws don’t apply to them. The person that did it probably doesn’t even take time to read the paper, so this is probably an exercise in futility. But we’ve got a lot of dangerous drivers out there, folks.

• This is [name redacted], an Andover resident, and I went up to McFee Park yesterday with my family, and the number of mosquitoes that were there was just amazing. And I would say that, rather than spend $500,000 on streetlights; they should spend some money on spraying for mosquitoes. We’ve never had them this bad in Farragut in the 21 years I’ve lived here. Thank you. Good-bye.

• Via The person who admitted to stealing the Admiral Farragut marker … shows disrespect to an American hero and our country. Admiral Farragut served his country when he was a teenager during the War of 1812, and continued to serve for more than 50 years. Everyone who fought for our country in any war (including those who fought on both sides during the Civil War) deserves the respect and gratitude of all Americans. They are our heroes. ...

• “Where is the Adm. Farragut marker? “Given that the marker was on private property for a number of years without the necessary easement being filed, it would appear to me that the owner(s) of the property were completely within their rights to dispose of the marker however they saw fit. The Town of Farragut and/or Knox County should have filed an easement if they wanted the marker to remain in place or give the owner(s) of the property an “offer they could not refuse” ... but apparently neither was done.

Editor’s Note: As noted, both town of Farragut and Knox County Parks and Recreation offered to remove the monument from its site at either of their expense and were denied.

• Via e-mail: With the elimination of “right turn on red without a stop” violations, will the reduction in income from just the remaining red-light violations cause the contractor to remove its equipment?

• Via e-mail: The traffic problems at the Smith Road Weigel’s is a text-book example of what happens when politicians grant special exceptions to the rules and regulations that keep our city safe and attractive under the pretense of being “business friendly.” It may be “dollar friendly” to the business getting the break, but it’s sure not “Farragut Friendly” because we’re stuck with the headaches, accidents and extra costs to fix the mess created when special concessions are given to the favored few.

• Via e-mail: Just a few positive notes for a change: Thank you to Pilot Oil for such a nice job on the new sign and landscaping. It looks great. Also, the calming islands are fine and I’m encouraged by the “growing in” of the landscaping on them. I hope our Town will keep them up and budget for continued improvement to them. As they mature they will add to the beauty of our community. I applaud the Town for trying to enhance the identity of Farragut. I say budget for the new decorative lighting and balance these plans with other community needs. Keep looking forward ... you’re not going to make everyone happy. Just know there are many of us happy to see the improvements!

• Via This family would like to be added to the roster of those who strongly disagree with the projected lights on Campbell Station Road. Seems this town administration is keen on throwing out the surplus funds we have available in fancy ego quests. Our answer should be to oust them next election unless they show they can learn on the job and listen to their constituents.

• Via USPS: When asked if [U.S.] Sen. [Lamar] Alexander’s wealth would make it difficult for him to understand the average Tennessean, Jim Jeffries, the senator’s spokesman, said the senator was born to a principal and a teacher, so the senator knows what it is to be without extra money. Jeffries is around so much money he did not understand the question. The senator’s parents were not poor. Being the 27th richest senator now shows the senator is doing OK. The people should be asking questions.

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