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Thank you for your support

I would like to thank everyone for your support of my “article” in last week’s farragutpress.

The phone began ringing Thursday morning, people were coming into the store and stopping me at the grocery store giving me details of their experiences with the [Knox County Sheriff’s Office] and how frustrated they all were with the inaction that was taken.

I encouraged all of them, as I encourage you, to send in your experiences and opinions to presstalk. If people begin to open up about this then perhaps KCSO will step up with better service, or maybe the Town will see that we need to address this issue.

As one person told me, “I pay Knox County property taxes, which entitles me to protection the same as residents in other parts of Knox County.”

[Presstalk] is anonymous, so please let your voice be heard.

Again, thank you to all that have reached out to me with your experiences.

Robin Purvis


In support of KCSO

To offer a different perspective to the “Car 54, where are you?” guest view article, we have had nothing but positive experiences with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office as business and property owners, homeowners, entrepreneurs and citizens. 

We have found through our experiences with Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones and his dedicated team of law officers that they are very professional, courteous, competent and timely in their activities, investigations and communications.  

In addition, we appreciate the Sheriff’s Office for its dedication and participation with town of Farragut community and homeowners associations’ activities such as the National Night Out, parades, etc.

Although having a dedicated police department would be nice, the start up and operating costs for a dedicated police force in addition to the required infrastructure and future liabilities do not fit the current business/tax models of the town of Farragut nor would it be wise financially and politically to pursue such an initiative at this time.

Bill & Margaret Johns



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