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• This is in regards to the person who wrote in about the two 18-wheelers coming off the Interstate at 6:30 in the morning, onto Campbell Station [Road]. Apparently, you do not understand that everything that you have, including the organic food you got at Kroger, came on a truck. Please inform yourself before you blatantly just open your mouth and talk about stuff you have no idea what you’re talking about, because you really seem ignorant. Thank you.

• This is a message to the person writing about the 18-wheelers on Campbell Station Road: I see it’s creating safety issues and clogging up our streets. At 6:30 in the morning, you’re apparently in your car. How do you think your car got to where you bought it? Ah! Bingo. It came on a truck. Think about what you’re saying before you starting writing into the newspaper. Please, please. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: Farragut ordinances make it illegal for semi-trucks to drive along Town streets unless they are delivering product to businesses in Town. Semi-truck drivers that use Farragut streets as a way of bypassing the Interstate weigh station can be pulled over and charged by Tennessee Highway Patrol. Most trucks that do make deliveries to Farragut businesses are clearly identified, such as Kroger trucks.

• To the woman in the silver minivan, license [redacted], in the Ingles parking lot on Monday afternoon, who backed into oncoming traffic: you need to reread your driver’s manual. You need to yield to oncoming traffic in the lane, and also, if you were worried about the children in your car as you stated, you should have looked twice, maybe three times, to make sure you were safe to pull out. And then to roll down your window and yell at the person who you almost ran into that you were going to call the police on them — it’s private property; police don’t come out there because you dent your minivan because you didn’t learn how to drive. Watch carefully, woman, because your children are in danger. And I feel sorry for them that you are at the wheel of their car. Thank you.

• Via As I sit in line at Farragut Intermediate School to pick up my child, I am getting more and more frustrated at the blatant misuse of the Farragut public schools. I have heard from many, first hand and also in passing, that there are many students whom no longer live in the Farragut area, or have never lived in the Farragut area, attending the schools in Farragut. I am very frustrated because the resources are so scarce and such issues with overcrowding exist. Can the school system please do an audit? This is ridiculous to see cars from Blount, Loudon, Morgan and even Sevier counties (and probably many from Knox in areas other than Farragut) in line to pick up their children. When a child registers they check a power bill and a driver’s license, but then registration is automatic in future years! Instead of telling parents that resources are thin and the school is overcrowded, do an audit of the student body to make sure that everyone is legally attending the Farragut schools.

• Via e-mail: In support of the letter to the editor last week regarding our lax law enforcement [“Car 54, where are you?”]. I am tired of watching the [Knox County Sheriff’s Office] deputies sit in the old Kroger parking [lot] watching the kids drink, do doughnuts, throw trash all over the parking lot and painting graffiti all over the back of the building. They say they have no authority because it is private property, but is vandalism not illegal? Have you seen any one pulled over in the town of Farragut by a deputy for speeding? Running a stop sign? Running a red light? It is time we start to gather car numbers, badge numbers and names of officers so we can have a town meeting with the sheriff’s office to discuss our lack of law enforcement. We pay property taxes in this county, which goes to pay the sheriff’s office expenses. Could this be the start of our own “Occupy the Sheriffs Office?”

• Via e-mail: People need to be considerate of their neighbors if they have a dog with incessant barking. A neighbor on Bantry Lane in Kingsgate has a dog that is a nuisance barker. Trying to reason with the owner has been fruitless. I gave them a copy of the noise ordinance and have been over to talk with them but to no avail. If you own an animal and it barks, put it up at 10 p.m. so your neighbors can sleep! Yes, dogs bark, but when it is nightly and for long periods of time be more considerate. You can call 865-215-2444, which is the non emergency sheriff’s number to report this. Maybe if enough people do so they will take action!

• Via e-mail: Farragut is very fortunate to have a recycling center located so close by. What people seem to forget is that it’s a PRIVATE business and is not in any way associated with, or paid for by, Knox County. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to drop off my recyclables only to find bags of what is obviously someone’s household garbage in the recycle bins. I’ve witnessed people show up with their containers of paper or plastic and when they find the bins are full, they just dump the paper/plastic on the ground beside the bins and then get back in their cars and drive off, never caring about who has to clean up the mess they just created. They throw their papers on top of the piles already in the bin and then seem surprised when they come sliding back out and onto the ground, again never bothering to clean up their mess. The same happens with the glass bottles except those usually break when they hit the ground, never mind that some kid might be the one to cut their foot open after they’ve left. Come on people, show the owners/operators some respect. We’re lucky to have them here. And if you are going to continue to leave your recyclables even after you find the bins full, at least bag them and set them out behind the bins to make it easier on those that have to clean up after you.

• Via e-mail: Would it be too much to ask if Farragut would consider moving [its] Everett Road barrels and electric sign a little further east such that motorists could see them before they’re having to make the curve between Old Stage and Everett Roads? I know there’s already road signs and such warning westbound motorists to merge left but I’m continually finding myself having to yield to some idiot that either doesn’t know how to read a road sign or is determined to continue down the right lane until the last possible moment. On more than one occasion I’ve been forced into the eastbound lanes in order to avoid a collision. Positioning them such that you could see them before you get into the curve would certainly make the situation much safer for all of us that travel that section of Kingston Pike.


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