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Town passes new signage rules

Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved, on first reading, substantial changes to the Town’s special events sign permit, which allows businesses to erect signs for ribbon cuttings, grand openings, sales and the like.

“Our goal has been to make the signs more concise, a little more standardized and clearer in their message,” David Purvis, of Farragut Business Alliance, told the Board Tuesday, Nov. 15.

“Less is more when it comes to signage,” Alderman Jeff Elliott said.

Under the new permit, businesses will be required to:

• erect a sign constructed of corrugated plastic

• use a sign background of white

• erect a sign with a maximum size of 20 square feet

• commit 15 percent of the sign space to the “Shop Farragut” logo and web address

But a note that no special events could be held in vacant lots caused concern for Purvis.

Two of the FBA’s largest events, Taste of Farragut and Red, White & Blues, are held on what could be termed vacant properties — the old Kroger parking lot and undeveloped land adjacent to farragutpress.

“Technically, we have Taste of Farragut in a vacant parking lot. I think we’d like a little bit of clarification as we go forward,” Purvis said.

Hawk said the Kroger parking lot wouldn’t qualify as “vacant” because a business — Purvis’s own Farragut Wine & Spirits — is located in a nearby building, even though the anchor tenant is gone.

“This ordinance would not prohibit Red, White & Blues … it would actually accommodate it, as it would with Taste of Farragut,” Hawk said.

Purvis also took exception to a recommendation that all signs be made from hemmed scrim vinyl.

“There was a miscommunication,” community development director Ruth Hawk acknowledged. “They [the FBA] really aren’t interested in a banner.”

Purvis instead favors signs constructed of corrugated plastic.

“The Town has historically never used banner signs and these would be banner signs,” Purvis said.

Purvis also asked that the Board give large, community-oriented special events, such as Taste of Farragut, a bit more leeway in sign size.

“I’d like you to consider it,” he said.


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