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Outlet Drive construction begins

Construction on the Outlet Drive extension has begun.

“We started on Sept. 12 and the 450-day [construction deadline] terminates Dec. 4, 2012,” Knox County’s assistant public works director, Jim Snowden, said of the project.

“They’ve made a tremendous amount of progress and done a real good job up to this point, so barring setbacks, we’ll hopefully beat that date,” he added.

APAC Atlantic was awarded the project contract for $3,073,604.

A portion of that will be reimbursed to the County, Snowden said, for water, sewer and gas relocations. The ultimate cost to the County of the project will be closer to $2,247,928.

Although portions of the extended Outlet Drive will run through Farragut Town limits, the majority of the cost of the project is being handled by Knox County.

The extension of Outlet Drive to Snyder Road and Campbell Station Road will include a three-lane road featuring a center turn lane, a sidewalk on the south side and a greenway trail on the north side.

“It’s three lane with adequate shoulders for bicycles, then a sidewalk on one side and an 8- or 10-foot bike path on the other,” Snowden said.

The existing Outlet Drive, which currently terminates just beyond Turkey Creek Public Market, will be repaved and improved.

“Some locations will require almost full bed reconstruction, some will require just overlay, and in some areas, the curb is broken out and isn’t established anymore, so we’re going to fix the curbs in those areas.

“For all practical purposes, from Lovell Road to Campbell Station, it’ll be, to somebody that’s not been on it before, it will look like a new road from one end to the other,” Snowden said.

Town and County officials are hoping the extended road, which will connect Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road, will be a boon for drivers, business owners and developers.

The extension will create another main thoroughfare for drivers wishing to cross Town, and would parallel Kingston Pike, Parkside Drive and Interstate 40/75.


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