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FMPC cleans up loose ends

Farragut Municipal Planning Commissionís relatively short meeting Thursday night, Nov. 17, covered mostly a host of housekeeping changes.

The only vote of the night came in favor of amendments to Farragut Municipal Code to clarify trailblazer sign placement locations.

Trailblazer signs are the recognizable signs along the Interstate instructing motorists of dining, lodging and entertainment options at Interstate exits. Farragut allows similar trailblazer signs at the Campbell Station Road interchange to further help motorists.

The amendments clarified that Farragut trailblazers could only be used by businesses that first participated in TDOTís trailblazer program, do not front on Campbell Station Road and provide gas, food or lodging.

The vote in favor of those amendments was unanimous, moved by Alderman Ron Honken and seconded by Ed St. Clair.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to discussion items and workshops.

Commissioners discussed various housekeeping changes to Farragut Zoning Ordinance, in regards to requirements established by Farragutís Board of Zoning Appeals.

In certain cases, the BZA makes decisions on regulations in cases that could be open to interpretation or are not specifically covered in Farragut ordinances.

Community Development director Ruth Hawk presented various such cases with the intent, at FMPCís next meeting, to roll those BZA rulings into Farragut ordinances to make them easier for developers to find.

Finally, Hawk presented FMPC members with a quick workshop on the Knox County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, a requirement for receiving federal financial aid should any natural disaster occur.

Hawk ran through Farragutís part in the plan and estimated that would be completed and finalized in December.


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