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• Although I opposed Weigel’s putting a store at the corner of Choto [Road] and Northshore [Drive], I do have to say it’s been a welcome relief to have the road changed and the hill taken out, and it’s a much safer intersection now. I hope once Weigel’s goes in the amount of traffic will not be increased to the point that it again makes it a dangerous intersection. But this has been a great change. It’s made this intersection much, much safer. Thank you.

• Last week someone called in about a woman in a silver minivan at one of the local grocery stores that was backing out without looking and then verbally harassed them. I’m wondering if that was the same woman with small children that was in the same grocery store’s parking lot when I was there the other day, with small children, as she was loading her groceries, those kids were unsupervised running through the parking lot. If it weren’t for the fact I always drive through parking lots at a crawl because you never know when someone is going to back out without looking and children are going to dart out between cars and so forth, I could have hit her little boy. And, you know, it would have been her fault because she wasn’t watching her children. You secure your kids in the car, or in the minivan in this case, and then you load your groceries. That’s called being a responsible parent. I hope this woman reads this and takes notice.

• Well, I see that Redflex, who does the traffic light system for the town of Farragut and Knoxville and several others has now started suing Knoxville and Farragut. What they don’t seem to understand is Knoxville and Farragut had absolutely no part of Gov. [Bill] Haslam and his cronies instigating and pushing through making red-light cameras illegal. They had no choice in the matter and they can’t do anything about it. Not until we can vote Haslam out. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is this was a personal agenda item for our governor. His family owns Pilot [Flying J] Corporation. They transport goods and gasoline all over the place, including the entire state of Tennessee. This is a way for them to save money. This is a way for them to prevent paying fines when their drivers run red lights. This should never have been allowed to cross the governor’s desk because it was a conflict of interest. I personally support the red-light cameras, and although I know legally I would not have to pay a ticket supposedly right now, I still am very careful about turning right on red because I have always been very careful about turning right on red. I obey the law. What a novel concept.

Editor’s Note: Farragut’s red-light camera vendor is Redflex. Knoxville’s red-light camera vendor is American Traffic Solutions. Both have sued their respective city-clients in Knox County Chancery Court, although both suits are protesting Public Act 425, a state law that outlaws camera citations for right turns on red. Citations issued by cameras for other violations must still be paid.

• Via Do you know what is going on with the old home beside Walgreens off of Lovell Road? The Town, it appears to be, has been there nearly every day for a week. There used to be a family living there a few months ago; they’ve left. Are they bulldozing the house? I wish you’d report on this. Who would want to see a 100-year-old home bulldozed? Thank you.

• Via e-mail: For the last ten years the town of Farragut has ignored requests from numerous residents to widen the most dangerous road in Knox County, Union Road. Now that Everett Road has been closed for the next year and a half the traffic volume on Union has drastically increased, maybe someone over Farragut roads (with half a brain) will take notice and have this road scheduled for widening. The largest landowner on Union, graciously said he would donate his share for the project. I am asking everyone who uses this “one lane” road to start putting pressure on the town of Farragut before someone is killed. Thanks town of Farragut for continuing to ignore Union Road!!

• Via e-mail: I recently received an annual fire subscription service bill from Rural Metro [Fire Department]. Yes, the price increased again from last year. The cost of my fire service subscription has increased 5 percent per year for the past six years, about twice the rate of increase in the Consumer Price Index. I understand Knox County has a contract with Rural Metro for fire service. Does the County have any control over what Rural Metro charges for its services? It seems like the sky is the limit, especially without a subscription. Perhaps Farragut should look into providing its own fire service.

• Via e-mail: Regarding the story on Redflex naming Farragut in its suit against the state: For those who earlier doubted whether photo traffic enforcement is all about money instead of safety, please read up. Nowhere in any of the stories about Redflex’s or ATS’s suits (ATS is suing Knoxville) are increased accidents cited as a reason for the challenges to the law. In other communities across the country there is a movement afoot to eliminate photo enforcement for this very reason. I suggest that Farragut put a police force in place to help uphold laws and protect its citizens. Real people for the people: Not for profit or new sources of revenue. There is not a single camera-enforced intersection in Farragut that could not be made safer with extended yellow light times and periodic policing. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

• Via e-mail: I have been reading about the issues with kids writing graffiti and trashing parking lots and was wondering if any thought has been given to creating something for them to do like bowling, video game arcade, etc? The old Kroger building would be a perfect place to put something like this and it may give the kids something else to do besides getting into mischief.

• Via e-mail: Recent comments in the farragutpress indicate there is a gross misunderstanding about applicability of laws. The center of the issue is laws that DO NOT apply to private property. One person even ranted about if traffic laws do not apply to private property then what about all other laws such as murder, etc. A question that must be answered is who is responsible for the misunderstanding? Did the news media not make it clear that ONLY TRAFFIC LAWS do not apply to private property or are those individuals so dumb they don’t want to understand?

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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