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ē Iím a pretty tolerable person, and I donít like to hear people griping all the time. But I just have to speak out about this. Why was there not some thought of safety given to the decision to use Union Road as a detour for Everett Road? I mean, they could have used Smith Road. Itís one of the worst roads in Farragut, Union is. It is too narrow; people walk on it, they bike on it. There are trees and mailboxes right on the edge of the road and people drive too fast. There are drop-off holes on the side of the road, places where you canít pull over. The church on North Hobbs [Road] had already drawn traffic to Union Road, especially on Sundays and for other occasions. In the interest of safety, why didnít they widen [the road] between Fox Run and Saddle Ridge subdivisions before beginning the Kingston Pike/Everett Road intersection? School buses have to use; they have to travel this road. It just would have made life a lot less stressful when traveling Union Road if they had widened it ahead of time. Thank you.

ē Regarding a complaint in the last issue: I have no personal connection to the [United States Postal Service]; however, I visit the Farragut Post Office often and Iíve found the personnel to be hardworking, cheerful and helpful. Iím sure they are undermanned, as the U.S. Post Office faces incredible financial difficulty. Iíve lived in several places, and in my experience the Farragut branch employees are superior to many other places. Some of the problems the USPS faces comes from outside, such as the increased use of the Internet; some of their own doing, such as the poorly managed government bureaucracy and incredible union labor grade. In the end, we need the Post Office, albeit hopefully a more efficient one. In the meantime, my compliments to the employees of the Farragut Branch. Thank you.

ē Via e-mail: I just want to thank [Farragut Business Alliance] and town of Farragut for the wonderful tree lighting. For the first time out, it was a great event. The choirs were very entertaining, the hot cider and cookies a nice extra touch and the tress and lights were beautiful. Thanks for another event that brings the Farragut community together. (One suggestion ó a better sound system for the choirs next year)

Editorís Note: FBA and the Town hosted their Holiday Tree Lighting event at Campbell Station Park Tuesday evening, Nov. 29. The free event featured the above-mentioned refreshments and songs performed by choirs from Farragut Intermediate and Middle schools and members of Webb School of Knoxville Madrigal singers. The trees will remain lit throughout the holiday season.

ē Via e-mail: The holiday tree lighting was a lot of fun and I was pleased to see so many people turned out. Another great community event!


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