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• Via There already IS light — adequate and bright — so let it be! It would be incredibly stupid to spend half a million dollars on something the Town DOESN’T need. Save the money for something the Town DOES need. I hope the board is intelligent enough to dismiss this idea without discussion and either go home or take up business that bears discussion.

• Via Does anyone who is on the Board read this paper?? I thought this was a dead issue. The comments in the past went at least 10-to-1 against lighting. I am now really concerned about our Board. Too much time or money on their hands? Campbell Station Road is currently VERY unattractive. Lighting will not improve it until the utility poles and wires are placed underground. I would consider decorative lighting a possible improvement only after the de-clutter of the poles and wires.

• Via e-mail: I was surprised to read that new Campbell Station lights were still being considered. Replacing perfectly good, almost new lights ... at any cost ... would surely indicate very poor stewardship of the Town’s resources, particularly in the current economy. I hope and pray that our leaders will have the wisdom to reject this plan.

• Via We’ve lived in Farragut for almost 20 years and have enjoyed many improvements to the community; new parks, road improvements and social events for families to enjoy. I sincerely hope the Town does not change the lighting on Campbell Station Road to the expensive decorative style shown in today’s paper. I would rather the town save that money in a fund for other improvements. We have adequate lighting on Campbell Station Road — don’t spend the money for something we don’t need.

• Via Regarding your Dec. 8 questions about the decorative lights along Campbell Station Road, we do not believe this is a good use of money. Farragut is not a historic town. Plus the lights along CSR were just replaced when the road was redone. If this is ever considered it should done when the current lights need replacement.

• Via As a longtime resident of Farragut, I am appalled that Mayor [Ralph] McGill wants to spend more than a half million dollars of taxpayer money to buy “historical” street lights because of some events that took place during the Civil War. Now, it seems, this fantasy of his mindset is actually going to be considered by the BOMA. The travesty of it all is that we recently installed new, modern, and costly streetlights on Campbell Station Road when it was widened. Is our Town administration going crazy by even spending [its] time debating this nonsensical issue??

• Via e-mail: $550,000 for cute street lights on Campbell Station Road is NUTS!!!! Those lights have just been installed. We do not need to spend Town money on such ridiculous projects. Just as a reminder, when the vote was cast not to charge builders for sewage tax on their pricey homes a few years back, we are all now paying an increase in our bills. Let’s find out who really benefits from these lights, and get rid of the [good] old boy network that seems to run this Town.

• Via e-mail: Yes, go ahead and buy the lights for Campbell Station Road. It’s better to spend the money on something that will improve the appearance of the Town rather than hiring more staff at Town Hall or giving Town staff handouts because they opted not to be enrolled in Social Security like the rest of us.

• Yes, I live in a subdivision and there are people next door that are putting their trash in open bags down on the ground instead of putting it in the proper receptacles. Is there not a county code for this? I have spoken to everyone, and I’ve been told this is not a code. This should be a code violation. And also, they don’t take the trash off but every, only once a month and they only have two cans there. They also have recycling bins and those are overflowing and they’re also putting all their trash on top of those cans. And my house is pretty close to the one next door and I need to know what can be done about this. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

• Hello, this is [name redacted]. I want to give a real big appreciation to the Rural Metro fire department, who took care of a chimney fire at my house yesterday, Dec. 8. They came over in the evening. They were here just a few minutes after I called them and were very professional and efficient at taking care of the problem and I’ve still got a house. Thank you very much.

• I am calling about the streetlights that Farragut wants to put up on Campbell Station Road and spend $550,000. That is money that should be used for something else: maybe a police department for Farragut, anything. We don’t need those streetlights. Let’s be realistic in this day and age. Come up with something. If that money is burning your pocket, come up with something else. Or save it for an emergency.

• I would like to comment on the article in the ’press today about the lighting. I think that it would be a great waste of money at the cost that’s listed in there. I think much more use could be put to it. Recently, I read something about Farragut High School still needing air conditioning, which is something that could be free for them to use this towards. I know that it always says the town of Farragut is not in the school business, but Farragut [High School] is in Farragut, and they need to invest in their future. Thank you.

• I think it is a terrible waste of $550,000 to spend it on the lights. We’re not a historic city and we don’t need these lights. Use it to improve the roads, like Union Road. Bye.


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