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• OK. I, along with probably most of the citizens of Farragut, was under the impression when the new administration was elected in at an overwhelming majority over the old administration, that this administration was going to be listening to the voice and concerns of the residents of Farragut. Now, the previous administration got kicked to the curb because they kept setting their own agendas and ignored the needs and concerns of the people who live in Farragut. And with this ridiculous expenditure that started out at $550,000 for pretty historic lights along Campbell Station [Road], that could go up to almost $700,000, they keep pushing and pushing and pushing it, yet the feedback of the people who live in Farragut, the homeowners in Farragut, the business people in Farragut, the people who pay the Sales Tax in Farragut — which is of course what would be paying for those lights — say “No. We do not need to spend that money on pretty historic-looking lights.” The ones we have are perfectly functional and are working fine. What is going on? Have your egos gotten that astronomically large that you have forgotten the promises you made that got you elected to office? Vote not to put the stupid, new lights in. We don’t need them; we don’t want them. We have other, more important things that money could be spent on. Or, here’s a novel concept: put it into a savings account for an emer[gency].

• A recent farragutpress headline should have read, “Ignoring public anger, Board approves historically expensive lights.” The article should have focused on how this Board made a $700,000 decision without asking for public comment at an untelevised workshop prior to its regular meeting. Is there any wonder why the public is outraged by a group of politicians who exhibit such disdain for common sense and fiduciary responsibility? Thank you.

Editor’s Note: While the Board did indicate it wanted to move forward with the $630,000-$680,000 Campbell Station Road lighting project at a workshop Thursday, Dec. 8, no official vote was taken.

• I was very excited to see the historic lighting is moving forward. I think it’s going to be a very good improvement to the entrance into Town.

• I live in Fox Den and this business with the lights on Campbell Station Road, I think that the mayor and the aldermen should have another open meeting so we can address spending half a million dollars for lighting that we already have.

Editor’s Note: Every meeting of the Board is open to the public and a citizen can speak on any topic during Citizen’s Forum. The next meeting will begin at 7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 12. Also, each Board member’s contact information is available at

• The Board of Mayor and Aldermen must be completely out of their minds to spend over half a million dollars on “decorative” lights for lights that were just installed a year ago. What a waste of money. We need to have a new mayor and new aldermen for anyone who votes to install these new lights. This is completely ridiculous. The citizens of Farragut need to put a stop to this immediately.

• I just want to say that I absolutely, 100 percent, oppose spending over half a million dollars to replace perfectly functioning lights on Campbell Station Road just so there can be some pretty frou-frou lights going down Campbell Station. I know there is a movement wanting to make Campbell Station and Farragut look historic. That is all well and good. But in this economy, spending that kind of money to replace functioning lights is irresponsible and arrogant.

• Via I suppose when Mayor [Ralph] McGill and Vice Mayor [Dot] LaMarche pushed so hard for using Town funds to correct the private property problems at The Farm subdivision off Evans Road despite the citizen outcry, we should have seen this coming ... a total disregard for the wise use of the public’s money and resources in favor of their own pet projects, no matter how wasteful and silly. Farragut has several roads that need upgrading (think Union Road, Virtue Road, etc.) and Parks (stage III at McFee Park or better fields at Mayor Bob Leonard Park) and Greenways (adding more links) that could use the $550,000 or more that is going to be wasted on this misguided “historic lighting” idea and the Board’s ego. Even more disturbing is that such poor stewardship with our Town assets is becoming an all too familiar pattern with these officials. What’s next?

• Via Citizens of Farragut: It’s obvious that, in addition to writing to presstalk, we need to write directly to the mayor and our alderpersons about our disapproval of spending more than half a million tax dollars on “historic lighting.” We also need to attend the next [Board of Mayor and Aldermen] meeting to voice our concerns. Nobody (including me!) showed up for the workshop. Meetings: 7 p.m., second and fourth Thursday of each month at Town Hall, 11408 Municipal Center Drive, Farragut, TN 37934

• Via Total waste of money to replace new lights with “historic” lights. Generally this style of light doesn’t provide useful lighting. Since the current ones are so new and provide good lighting, the town should save the money for a worthwhile project.

• Via e-mail: I wanted to share a story of what great customer service is. Recently I had hip replacement surgery and am limited on what I can do. I usually buy my wife a gift every Christmas from Rick Terry Jewelers. I called him to explain my situation, what I was looking for and if I could set up a time to see him. The very next day I was blown away. He called me and said he was coming over to my house with some things for me to look at. Within 10 minutes he was here and I made my purchase for my wife’s Christmas present. He went out of his way to take care of my needs. Thank you Rick, you certainly have earned my business.

• Via I was happy to learn that the Town is moving ahead with the historic lighting project on Campbell Station Road. Aesthetics matter.

• Via e-mail: Ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, preposterous only starts to describe BOMA wanting to install the historic/decorative lighting on Campbell Station Road. If the comments in farragutpress indicate the level of opposition, then why is BOMA ignoring the desires of the people and continuing to even consider that lighting? Comments have been about 10 opposing to one supporting. Is BOMA trying to hoodwink the people about the cost? The first cost estimate was $500,000 to $550,000. Now the latest estimate is about [$700,000]. If BOMA does waste the money and install that lighting the final cost will be over $1 million. Who on BOMA introduced the bill and who is supporting it? This action raises the question of how suitable are they to govern and determine spending. Should that lighting be installed then we need to make sure they are not reelected and maybe be impeached.

• Via e-mail: Since it appears the town of Farragut is bent on spending [more than] one-half million [dollars] on lighting [Campbell Station Road], why not paint the exiting poles black and just purchase the lights? That should save on the expense of tearing out and replacing the exiting poles that are like new. Selling the present ones for $400 each is a shame and I can think of many other uses for this money than on lighting an area that is presently just fine as it is.

• Via I am opposed to the historic lighting proposal and decided to write the Board of Mayor and Alderman to voice my opposition since I am unable to attend their meetings. Hopefully, this note will encourage more people to advocate their opinion directly to BOMA instead of just through the paper.

• Via Is the Board trying to sneak this decorative lighting insanity through without proper input from the people? The Dec. 8 meeting was labeled a “workshop.” It’s no wonder, “ citizens showed up for the workshop at town hall.” This is a very busy time of year for a “workshop.” The article on Dec. 15 acknowledges that, “... farragutpress readers have expressed displeasure ... with the lights idea.” Are you people (Board) missing something? WE DON’T WANT THOSE LIGHTS! The cost has escalated from $550K to $680K, and probably even more, if this fool plan gets the go ahead. After the New Year, I might start a petition requesting the Board to kill any further discussion about lighting. The second signature would be to remove people responsible for moving this lighting issue forward. Farragut needs people on the Board who respond to their constituents.

Editor’s Note: BOMA has been very vocal about its historic lighting project. The subject has appeared on several agendas posted on the Town website and in the legal section of farragutpress.

• Via It appears the mayor and aldermen have NOT been listening to the citizens who voted them into office. We do NOT need or want new lighting on Campbell Station Road. The voices have been heard through this newspaper and obviously, these voices don’t matter to the mayor’s office. I live off of Campbell Station Road and think that they did a fine job of making much needed improvements to the road. The money can certainly be funneled to a much more citizen friendly project that will benefit the residents of Farragut rather than the frivolous waste of more than a half million dollars on unneeded lighting. I know that if this project proceeds as scheduled, I will show my displeasure come election time!

Editor’s Note: Contributors to presstalk on this matter have numbered less than 50. Considering the Town has more than 14,000 voters, opposition is less than 1 percent of the voters.

• Via It is hard to believe the people in Farragut elected a mayor and aldermen who would even consider spending up to $680,000 of taxpayer dollars to replace perfectly good street lights with “historic” lights. The BOMA sent this ridiculous issue to be workshopped to get more facts. This signals to me that they must consider this project practical and worthy of possible implementation. Since this is a pipe-dream of Mayor [Ralph] McGill, who apparently has no conception of how to spend the Town’s money, why doesn’t he also propose some “historic” hitching posts for our main street, and decree  that we, in Farragut, drive horses and buggies?

• Via For a Town [that] claims to be a progressive, modern place to live, I cannot believe those at the Town Hall would spent any time considering a move that would make Farragut look like an outdated Civil War town. The townspeople did not attend the town meeting to consider this project because it was scheduled during holiday time — the busiest time of the year to prepare for Christmas. They also feel that they elected intelligent, logical people who would adamantly say “no” to dumb projects like this without having to spend their time at the Town Hall expressing their outrage — are we all wrong? I can’t wait until the next election!

• Via e-mail: I believe the “historic” lighting idea is right on track for this Town. The next step would be to buy the “historic” Russell home on the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, then move the Farragut Folklife Museum into it. That would give the Town a destination or draw. I believe this would be a move to attract people into the Town, since it’s quite obvious the locals don’t support local business. Why else would places such as Edison Park, Silver Spoon (Ruby Tuesday’s), Walmart, Kmart and other businesses have gone under? It’s up to local business and government to find ways to help increase traffic and this sounds like a business friendly move.


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