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• Via Weeks after the Tennessee red-light camera enforcement law went into effect we’re finally learning about its dreaded impact. Last week’s excellent front-page article “Seventeen violations, no cop, one ticket” is proof why we desperately need these cameras. It makes me wonder why I’ve not seen any similar reports in the farragutpress Police Report for all this time? Please do more reporting on this issue and don’t leave out any of the bloody details, we can handle it. Just think: those renegade drivers that turned right on red and survived were also rewarded with saving some extra Christmas cash.

Editor’s Note: The aforementioned story is about one driver in a rental car committing multiple infractions during a brief period. As stated before in this column, police reports are screened and given to us at the pleasure of Knox County Sheriff’s Office. All incident reports are public record. However, access has been limited.

• Via It would seem that the Farragut BOMA could use more support and input from the citizens of Farragut. If the best use the Board can come up with for a half million dollars is purchasing streetlights for Campbell Station Road, it is obvious that more of us need to participate in our local government. (I say “us,” because I am just as guilty as most of you of being passive about attending the meetings that actually drive the quality of life in our hometown!). The town of Farragut is a worthwhile place to live, and is of high value to each and every citizen. If we ALL continue to passively complain without showing up with creative, actionable ideas that would boost our Town, soon, we won’t have a community left. I am going to start attending more of the public meetings, and I hope you do too! Challenge your kids to get involved as well, it is never too early to start understanding that government belongs to all the people. There are so many great people here in Farragut, we could do anything if we put our minds to it. Commit to yourself to support you neighbors and your town ... participate!

• Via If the money is too much of a burden for the FBOMA to handle, here are a few suggestions in lieu of replacing the new CSR lights: Refurbish the Anchor Park facilities; Donate a substantial amount to the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Organizations like the KSO contribute to the desirabilty of Farragut living; If the news article in the Aug. 4 edition of the farragutpress is factual, hire an engineer to review construction specifications. Aluminum pipe is not suitable for underground use especially at the depths noted; Reacquire the Admiral Farragut marker and incorporate it as a part of the AF Park near Town Hall; Install a speed bump at the exit of Farragut High School to deter drivers from speeding across [Kingston Pike] into the parking lot at the closed Kroger store; Relocate the traffic stop line to enable viewing eastbound traffic at KP and [Concord Road]. Other Farragut residents are suggesting expenditures more worthy than replacing the new CSR lights.

• I have to take exception to the statistics that the editor quoted in regards to the Campbell Station historical lights issue. It was stated that less than 1 percent of voters oppose the project when you have at least a 5 to 1 reader response against wasting $700,000 of our money on replacing perfectly good lights. Do you really think that everyone who hasn’t voiced an opinion really supports this project? Just [as] the Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands failed to save our previous mayor, I predict the Campbell Station historical lighting issue will do the same for our current mayor and all the aldermen if it actually occurs. Even if you can’t attend the meetings to oppose this senseless waste of money, you should at least take the time to send an e-mail or call Farragut to register your opposition. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: The point of the Editor’s Note was not in any way intended to represent a scientific poll, but was to merely point out that a few presstalks compared to all the voters in Farragut were not enough to sway the opinion of a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. As David Purvis pointed out in his letter last week, making changes requires people to show up at BOMA meetings.

• I noticed on your presentation of various comments on the special lighting and the workshop for that, you make an editor’s note that, “Contributors to presstalk on this matter numbered less than 50. Considering the Town has more than 14,000 voters, opposition is less than 1 percent.” That is a total misuse of statistics. How many people have written to your paper and advocated for the lights, versus those who are against? I think you’re going to find the percentage is more like 80 percent, 90 percent opposition. I suggest you run a poll — online or otherwise — and certainly stop making these far-reaching statements like this that have no validity.


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