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• I wish all these businesses that are complaining about the lack of police protection in Farragut would just stop it. If you’re so adamant about deserving better police protection for your business, then you need to pool your resources and hire private security service to patrol your buildings. Don’t expect Farragut residents to foot the bill for your protection by starting our own police force. Your time would be better spent voicing your complaints to the [Knox County] Sheriff’s [Office] and have them explain why you as a taxpayer are not receiving the police protection you’re already paying an extravagant amount in taxes for. Thanks.

• The BOMA should take the historic lighting money and use it for a serious, aggressive plan to develop a town square, like Market Square, on the land between the Post Office and Kohl’s. They need to make this a priority. Otherwise, all we’ll end up with is a historically-lighted road to nowhere.

• Yes, I wanted to comment again on the proposed lights for Campbell Station Road. It really bothers me that our people in Farragut seem to want to spend money which is unnecessary. In today’s world, when so many people are suffering and don’t even have enough to eat, this is a totally unnecessary project that they’re doing. Why don’t they take some of that money and try to better some of our older subdivisions in Farragut? For instance, how about some lighting in some of the older ones? How about a new entrance sign at Kingsgate, where the sign is rotting because it’s over 40 years old? I cannot believe that we would spend this amount of money, which is a total waste, to try to make an impression on other people.

• Via With regards to the letter last week in farragutpress encouraging the citizens of Town to assist our government by offering input to Town Hall, are you kidding? Yeah it’s a great concept sure, but we the citizens of Farragut have given lots of ideas for things we would like in our town, but [it] seems it falls on deaf ears. I do believe many of the citizens don’t participate more because they feel nothing gets done in Farragut in a timely manner. My kids are both grown now so will never benefit from a community center that was a hot topic a few years ago, so hey, thanks Farragut. After more than 10 years of screeching for a traffic signal at Everett Road/Kingston Pike it is only now happening. My own daughter was in an accident at the very corner nine years ago. She is lucky to have come away without injury. We of Farragut have always cried out for changes. There seems to be oodles of dollars in the piggy bank for other things, shall we shed light on the needless dozens and dozens of streetlights installed along Kingston Pike going west past Fox Den Subdivision, I mean are we competing with Las Vegas on wattage? Gee, it’s so bright that I almost pull out my sunglasses as I drive home at night. Also we have wanted a community center in the center of town, you don’t even hear anyone mentioning it anymore, because it falls on deaf ears. Whose suggestions are heard, is anyone listening to the citizens? How come the Town can’t come up with ideas to raise money to fund the community center building if they feel there is better use of our money needed for other things? Couldn’t there be a charge of $3 per person per day? Yes, $3 is a fair price so that not only the financially sound individuals could participate … most times the lesser blessed individuals miss out because things cost too much. Let me hear some comments on this subject of getting involved, call in or e-mail your ideas, Farragut. I’ll be listening.

• Via After asking some of my neighbors their opinion on the street light issues, NO ONE was aware of what was going on at Town Hall. Someone in response to this issue, in the farragutpress, suggested a petition, let’s try a link from presstalk to a support or oppose lights vote including name and address so that we know the respondents live in Farragut and our neighbors can voice their opinion. A headline in the paper “Poll to Decide Lighting Issue” could generate interest. I also would suggest that the farragutpress contact the News Sentinel in [its] Communities Affairs section for those who do not read the farragutpress and can be apprised of the issue at hand. The community and the Town board are not in touch. It is the responsibility of the people of Farragut to get involved, but let’s make it easy, and move forward that the Board must let the community know what it is doing, they MUST represent the people, not their own interests!


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