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Q: We are going out of town next month and will need to make arrangements for our dog, Sebastian, and cat, Milo, while we are gone. We have always been able to take them with us when we travel, but this time, we cannot. I’m pretty nervous about this… can you help me choose a boarding kennel?

T.S., Lenoir City

A: Ask your friends, neighbors, and your veterinarian for recommendations. Go visit several of these facilities. They should be more than willing to let you tour and ask questions. The facility should be clean, well-organized, and well-lit. I assume that you want to have Sebastian and Milo at the same place, so just check and make sure they board cats, too. Check the noise level where Milo would stay and make sure it’s not too loud (from barking dogs).

If Sebastian and Milo are young and healthy, you may just need to find a kennel that makes them comfortable (and you too!). We often have clients decide to do a “trial run” before they leave town. Pet owners will “day board” their pet a couple of times in the weeks prior to vacation. This gives the pet an opportunity to get comfortable with the kennel before an extended stay. Day boarding also gives owners a chance to interact with the staff and increase their comfort level, knowing that their pet will be cared for and safe in their absence.

Now let’s talk about pets with special needs. If Sebastian is young and very active, he may need extra walks and/or playtime. Talk to the staff and be sure that they are willing and able to accommodate him.

If Sebastian or Milo require a certain diet or medications, you will need to ensure that the facility is capable of doing that while you are gone. With certain medical conditions, like diabetes or epilepsy, it is crucial that pets receive their medications properly and on schedule. If your pet takes a lot of medications and/or is elderly, you may ask your veterinarian if they can board your pet at their office.

There are pets that do get extremely nervous away from home. These pets may do better if they stay in their own home with a pet sitter. Finding a good pet sitter is similar to finding a good kennel: ask your friends, neighbors, and your veterinarian. Check their references. Some pet sitters come to your house several times during the day, and some will actually stay overnight if needed.

Sometimes there are situations where you cannot take your pet. But with good planning, you can make arrange ments for Sebastian and Milo that your family feels comfortable with.

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