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ē I almost totally agree with the readers about the schedule for the mayor and boardís meeting being posted earlier than the same day. The only thing I disagree with is that itís just like living in Farragut; you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, we pay a lot to live in Farragut and we donít come close to getting what we pay for. Otherwise, everyone is right about the meetings should be posted two to three days before, and the subject matter.

Editorís Note: Farragut does not levy a Property Tax or a Business License tax at this time. Other than cost of property, home and Knox County Property Tax, Farragut residents pay no more than any other Knox County residents. Town meeting agendas are posted on the Townís website ( a week prior to actual meeting days.

ē Iím really looking forward to walking now that Altamira [subdivision off Grigsby Chapel Road] has a sidewalk in front of it. Another waste of that money.

ē Hey. Itís just me calling to let people know that if you be driving and you come upon one of them [sic] stoplights and itís green, that means you go. You donít stop at a green light, people. You go through the green light. If itís red, you stop. If itís yellow, if you have time to go through the light, you go through the light; but if you donít, you proceed to slow down and stop. But if itís green, you donít stop at the green light, honey child boo-boo. You keep going through it. Thank you. Now, please take that to heart the next time youíre driving. Because if one of you people in Farragut stops at a green light one more time, I will be mad. And you donít want me mad because Iím cute and lovable. Thank you and have a good day.

ē Via e-mail: Itís hard to believe that Farragut people still canít seem to handle driving through the roundabout at Concord Road and Northshore Drive. Every week I encounter another driver who stops at the yield sign on Concord Road to let a driver heading west on Northshore, who has not entered the roundabout, drive completely through the circle rather than continuing a steady flow. I also see several drivers who think they have to stop while in the circle to allow Northshore traffic to enter. Itís ridiculous.

ē Via Why cannot the powers that be remove the calming island at the entrance to the medical building at the Campbell Station [Road] end of Grigsby Chapel [Road]? Practically every morning it takes me longer to get one mile down Grigsby Chapel than it takes to get to Northshore once I get through the light. The problem is the calming island. Traffic is backed up to turn right so the traffic wanting to turn left cannot get past the island to get into the turn lane. This is compounded by the fact that traffic is backed up on Campbell Station at the school and the Grigsby Chapel traffic has trouble making their right turn. I know the argument for not removing the island is that once traffic backs up, drivers cannot turn into the medical center, but it has been my observation that most drivers are courteous and will allow them to get in line and make their turn, and at 7:15 a.m., I rarely, if ever, see anyone turning into the center. This morning traffic was backed up to the Mormon church, then as I worked my way closer to Campbell Station, saw the right lane backup with no one in the left turn lanes and no oncoming traffic, drivers began going into the west bound land of Grigsby Chapel and around the island. I saw at least three drivers do this, one coming from behind me even. I certainly donít blame them in the least, I wish I had the nerve to do the same. Something really needs to be done about the morning traffic and the removal of the island would do a lot to let the traffic flow.

ē Via e-mail: I think itís funny how all these people want to whine and complain. It should be an honor that our Town wants to take pride and enhance the beauty of our Town. For a Town with no debt and NO property tax we should be happy that our officials consider that. I do not see frivolous spending! It would be different if our Town was in debt up to its eyeballs and wanting to impose a property tax to pay for such things. Get a grip people and a life! Donít like it, move! Oh and the people that complain about the agenda??? Well maybe if they would look at the Town website they would see the agenda is posted almost seven days in advance. They do a great job at informing us. Just some seem to have so much hate and complaints filling their eyeballs we fail to see clearly! Thank you!

ē Via There are two areas where the water from the stream running parallel to Virtue Road is washing out closer and closer to the road. My concern is that it will undermine the road, which could be very dangerous and a huge expense to the city to fix. Using the historic iron water wheel in a project to redirect the water more away from the road with a river walk path alongside and a way to walk under the footbridge and the newer concrete bridge to the creek and around the creek on the other side would be a very useful way to use the wheel and create a more park-like useable space.

ē Via Mayor [Ralph] McGillís statement regarding the historic street light ... ďweíre not voting on anything tonight. But Iím going to propose we consider shelving the project at our next meeting.Ē ďConsider shelving,Ē what exactly does that mean? Is this project sitting in limbo for the right opportunity to be brought back before the Board, or is it truly a dead issue? I think we need a more definitive answer. The monies would be better put into an escrow account to cover unforeseen expenses that Farragut might be faced with in the future, i.e. the water main problems on McFee. Farragut is an affluent community; however, we didnít get here by foolishly spending our money on frivolities. The Town Board should exercise the same fiscal restraint.

Editorís Note: Mayor McGill addressed the issue at the last Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting Thursday, Jan. 26. The full story begins on page 1 of this issue.

ē Via e-mail: Thanks town of Farragut for again painting over the graffiti in the Boyd Station [Road] railroad underpass. I know [the underpass] is railroad property and it is not in the town of Farragut, but in Knox County, and how your citizens gripe whenever [the Town] spends a nickel. However, it is appreciated not to have to see the vulgar writings of some of the areaís most notable scholars.


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