Little Nest Portraits

Turkey Creek biz captures special moments

Casie Raines, owner of Little Nest Portraits in Turkey Creek, specializes in “lifestyle” photography. She says the portraits of her family are her most prized possessions. This one of her two sons is one of her favorites.
In her home in Gatlinburg, her children's faces smile from large canvas portraits. Photographer Casie Raines said those photographs, little canvases and little photobooks are the most prized possessions in her house.

Her favorite large portrait hangs in her den. It is one of her two boys taken a year ago.

"They were just goofing around," she said recently, "and this picture just captured both their personalities so well. It was a fun moment and this picture immortalizes it for me.”

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Dresen couple brings Culver’s

Electric blue barns — they're a thing in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. Now in the land of the red “See Rock City” barns, folks soon will be getting acquainted with the story behind the blue barns.

Farragut residents Ron and Anita Dresen have stopped their lives as a chemical engineer and stay-at-home mom to work together to launch the first Culver’s in Tennessee. They are bringing a taste of Wisconsin dairy to West Knox County. The couple opened this fast-casual restaurant Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 9113 Kingston Pike.

You can order a Butterburger [the buns are buttered] for $3 to $5, or maybe a North Atlantic cod or butterfly jumbo shrimp or beef pot roast dinner — or maybe a salted caramel pecan custard sundae — at the counter, and then have a seat and wait for your food.

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