Anne Davis celebrates 99th birthday in style

In her pink Cinderella dress, Anne Davis celebrated her 99th birthday Sunday, Aug. 10, with a kiss on the hand from friend Earl Layman. Alongside Anne is her younger sister, 95-year-old Marguerite Campbell. Celebrating her 99th birthday Sunday afternoon, Aug. 9, in a stunning pink Cinderella dress, Anne Underwood Davis already was planning for next year.

“I told them that I would take this [celebration] this year, but next year I want a party,” Anne said, as roughly one hundred family and friends — including her little sister, 95-year-old Marguerite Campbell — dropped by her Wagon Wheel Road home in Farragut to fuel the celebration.

Growing up on a farm in Columbia, Tenn., Anne continues to stay active. “I love painting and playing Scrabble and working crossword puzzles,” Anne said. “I love bridge, play bridge.

“I just like living. … Live life to the enth degree, but be careful.”

Marguerite jumped in and said another key to good health is she and Anne “eat fish, we were reared on fish.”

Anne said, “Fish and country ham. … We grew up on vegetables and cornbread, bacon,” adding that her father “made the best country ham in the world, and when mother got through cooking them they were better.”

“She goes to Bible study, she goes to church, she goes out to lunch with her friends, she plays bridge with other ladies from the church,” Katie Davis Greene, Anne’s daughter and only child, said. “If somebody says ‘go,’ she’s ready.”
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30th Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo

Joshua Smith with sons, Kellan, 5, and Adlan, 2 The 30th Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo brought 72 children, ages preschool to 13, to Anchor Park on a sunny Saturday morning, June 14.

Tori Schrubb, 13, caught 11 fish and won Most Fish Caught Award from

town of Farragut, event sponsor.

Winners for biggest fish: 10-to-13 boys co-champions were Tristan

Cooper and Alex Schrubb; girls 10-to-13, Brooklyn Galindo; 7-to-9 girls,

Dakota Hodler; 7-to-9 boys, Ethan Koch; 6-and-under girls, Bella Galindo

and 6-and-under boys, John Sawyer.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.

4 Tips for Getting Guilt-Free Couch Time

Have you ever traveled a long way and upon arrival to someone’s home the host asks, “Would you like to freshen up?” Indeed, freshen up after a long journey sounds fabulous! Often, right before my dad came home from work, my mom would say to my sister Peggy and me, “Girls, your dad’ll be home in 15 minutes, I’m going to go freshen up.” She’d be in the bathroom for about ten minutes and when she’d come out, she looked fresh. What I didn’t realize back then was my BOP (Born Organized Person) mother was setting the stage for her leisurely evening with my dad. read more

Knoxville Moms blog brings moms together

Farragut and surrounding area mothers can go to Knoxville Moms Blog on the Internet to find activities for families, information on local events, child-rearing advice and more.

Knoxville Moms Blog, launched November 2013 by founder Natalie Rickerson, is an interactive, collaborative blog written by local mothers for local mothers, Rick-erson said.

“I had a friend who started the New Orleans Moms Blog,” Rickerson, who will soon be moving to Farragut, said, adding she and her friend talked about it, and her friend thought Rickerson should start one in Knox County.

Rickerson said she got the blog started after her first son was born.

“I didn’t really have a lot of friends who had children already, so I wanted to find a way to connect to other moms through activities and with local businesses as well,” she said.
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Working Jane: Parkview’s angel

Minix’s compassion for seniors comes out every day

Having worked “in retail, catering and the restaurant business,” Kimberly Minix said she always had the desire to work with senior citizens.

Then, on a whim, Minix “finally found what I love to do” at Parkview West Senior Living facility, 10914 Kingston Pike.

“I live here in Farragut and drove by on my way to go shopping and thought I would stop in,” Minix, a residential services employee at Parkview since spring 2013, said. “I’ve always wanted to work with seniors but I didn’t know how.

“There was an elderly man that met me at the front door, and I just knew that this is where I wanted to be,” she added. “He welcomed me with open arms and something told me this is where I needed to be.”

Minix “kind of dropped out of heaven for us,” Terry McKinney, Parkview director of operations, said. “She’s very caring, compassionate to each and every resident we have in here. She’s a real asset to the company. There’s not a person who walks through the door that she doesn’t speak to. And it’s very genuine, it’s not superficial.
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‘Empty nesters’ look to fill the void

As many parents send their children back to school, there also exists another type of parents — the empty nesters.

Parents become an “empty nester” when “children grow up and move out, and there is a space or a hole in your parent’s life that has revolved around taking care of their children,” according to Beth Simpson, a Well Being Sciences practitioner.

But while the term may seem daunting, Simpson encourages people to look at it in a positive light.

“It’s actually a life change. It’s a part of growing forward [with] life changing kinds of opportunities. It’s a part of the life changing and of the growing, not only in the children, but in the adults,” Simpson added.

The beginning stages of this phase are often characterized with grief, sadness, loneliness and a sense of loss, but there are alternate ways to shifting your time and energy to other places. Estaire Tomczak, a Farragut mom of three, is approaching her fourth year of being an empty nester and has learned quite a bit along the way.
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Dick outlines town government changes since the 1980s

Betty Dick has just about seen it all, in addition to making things happen, concerning town of Farragut government.

Among a handful of those living in the “Farragut community” in the late 1970s who became active to form a town, Dick also has served Town government off and on for four decades.

She’s served on both of the Town’s major governing bodies: Board of Mayor and Aldermen (alderman from 1981 to 1987) and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission (’81 to ’85), then back to FMPC where she currently serves (since 2010).

As for getting back into Town government after 23 years, “You never lose interest. I never did,” Dick said, adding she and husband, Jeremy, “moved to Chattanooga for 10 years.”

Comparing her two eras of service, “Things are very different. Of course, the facilities were totally different,” Dick said. “More residents came to the meetings. The rooms were small but many times they were packed. People seemed to be more interested. Today, they’ve become somewhat complacent, I think.”
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Farragut Presbyterian new pastor welcomed

The Farragut Presbyterian Church congregation has welcome a new pastor to its fold.

The church’s Pastor Nominating Committee has called the Rev. Matthew R. Nieman of Bellevue, Neb., as its new minister. ‘

“We’re really excited and look forward to making the move,” he said. “The people of Tennessee and the Farragut area really seem to be great people, and we’re looking forward to being part of the community.”

Nieman has left First Presbyterian Church of Belllevue.

“Basically, it comes down to my wife and I really felt called

by God to the Farragut Presbyterian Church,” the pastor said. “The people there were very welcoming and inviting to my wife and me. They really decided to place their trust in me and believe that God was calling me to be their pastor.”
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Medal of Honor convention key player at Rotary

Thanks in part to a Farragut financial expert, more than 50 of the nation’s bravest individuals are expected to join a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and two award-winning motion picture actors in Knox County next month.

Joe E. Thompson III, branch manager of Raymond James & Associates, 11400 Parkside Drive Suite 220, helped Knox County land 2014 Medal of Honor Convention, Wednesday through Saturday, Sept. 10-13.

“On a percentage basis, we should be certainly between 50 and 60” of the nation’s 79 surviving Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, Thompson said. “As a percentage of the living recipients, this will be one of the largest gathering of Medal of Honor recipients in history.”

Thompson spoke about the convention, which he said is better labeled “a celebration,” during The Rotary Club of Farragut’s weekly Wednesday lunch meeting in Fox Den Country Club July 30. “I’ve been a part of a number of [Medal of Honor] Conventions, and there’s no doubt in my mind that [recipients] are more excited about coming to Knoxville than any other convention in the last 20 years,” he said.
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