Sugarwood couple to the rescue

Caring for three baby squirrels after finding them abandoned in their yard

Nutty, left, Mew, center, and Rascal are exploring their surroundings Thursday, Sept. 11, in Craig and Stacey Glaviana’s living room. Stacey and Craig Glaviana, Sugarwood Subdivision residents, rescued and are caring for three baby squirrels after finding them abandoned in their yard.

“I’d say it’s pretty interesting,” Stacey said. “It’s been a lot of work. They are climbing already, and they grow pretty quick.”

When the Glavianas found the squirrels — two male and one female — she said Craig put them back in the nest.

“The next morning, one was back on the ground again, so I asked him to climb up and look to see if they were cold,” Stacey said.

Craig climbed up on a ladder and looked in the tree, where the squirrels’ nest was situated, she said.

“‘They’re ice cold,’” she said Craig told her.

“I told him to bring them down,” Stacey said. She turned to the Internet to see how to care for the creatures, and the site, Squirrel Board, helped her determine if they were dehydrated and what to do.

“I gave them water and sugar,” she said. “I put them in a cage on a heating pad to keep them warm.
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The benefits of being disorganized (part II)

(Be sure to read The Benefits of Being Disorganized Part I, last week. I wrote about the significance of time and motion studies for the disorganized. I think you’ll be surprised.)

(Part II)

So you’ve got multiple stacks of paper on your desk and slyly hidden pi-les under it, three extra kids you didn’t plan (disorganized women have more babies th-an organized on-es do), and when you get the ironing board out the dog barks at it, BIG DEAL. In my humble, reformed slob opinion, I believe there is actually a price for attempting to be organized for the neat-police who can hold so much authority over our lives. And I think the costs outweigh the advantage.

I heard of one woman whose messy desk was more an annoyance than a hindrance. In her 360 degree review process, some of her co-workers and employees commented that her desk was a disaster and that she appeared disorganized. But, she was highly praised in these same reviews for her timeliness, leadership ability, communication skills, strategic thinking and ability to get things done. She received several promotions throughout her career and is now a vice president with her firm.
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Frazier chapter of DAR unchanged

Samuel Frazier Chapter members gather for a Saturday, Sept. 20, chapter meeting at Seasons Cafe. On hand, standing from left, are Buffy Wyrosdick; Anne Haston; speaker, Marie Alcorn with the United Way of Greater Knoxville; Joan Shrader; Daisy Jane Salton; Doris Owens; Pat Jobe; Marcy Lay; Tracy Liverman; Margaret Scobey; Deloris Cauley; Virginia Jacobs and Joyce Dunn. Seated are Martha Kroll, Sam Wyrosdick and Jyl Riehl. For 118 years, the role of the Daughters of the American Revolution has not changed, Martha Kroll, registrar for the Samuel Frazier Chapter of the DAR, said.

The DAR maintains its mission of honor, God, home and country, Kroll said.

“We are under the National Society DAR,” she said, adding it focuses primarily on historic preservation, patriotism and education in that order. Also, it serves the community and honors their ancestors, she added.

“As a volunteer organization to serve the community, the need is even greater now,” Kroll said.

While the DAR chapters’ roles remain constant, it does keep up with social media changes, she said, adding the chapters, such as Samuel Frazier, support their communities by providing historic preservation, education and patriotism.
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Stout Medal of Honor Memorial has a renovation

A renovated Sgt. Mitchell Stout Medal of Honor Memorial, as seen across Evans Road in Farragut. Quite aware of Congressional Medal of Honor Convention in Knoxville Sept. 10-13, members of U.S. Marines Corps League Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924 joined forces with other veterans, and one heavily involved non-veteran, to renovate Sgt. Mitchell W. Stout Medal of Honor Memorial in Farragut.

“We wanted to make sure it was presentable if [Medal of Honor recipients] came down,” said Rob Boles, son-in-law of the memorial’s founder and builder, the late Buddy White. “We took up all the old posts and put in new posts, and the old rusting chain that was around it, it’s all gone. We’ve now got nice one-inch white rope going through it. Just updating and refurbishing some.

“It looks a whole lot better,” Boles added about the renovation, which began in “three stages” on days in July, August and early September.

Detachment’s Young Marines contributed $1,000 toward the cost of the renovation, Boles said.
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Marcel-Culbert featured Town artist

The town of Farragut is showing the paintings of Elaine Marcel-Culbert, whom the Farragut Arts Council has selected as its Artist of the Month for October and November, on the second floor of the rotunda in Farragut Town Hall. Farragut Arts Council presents Elaine Marcel-Culbert as the Town’s featured artist for October and November.

Located in Farragut Town Hall, her exhibit features a variety of her paintings, which range from animal and people portraits to landscapes.

“I’m excited about being selected,” Marcel-Culbert said. Most of the works being displayed will be oil paintings; however, she also will display some watercolors, she said.

The artist said she has loved art since she colored with crayons as a child.

“I think I had a babysitter show me how to mix colors with crayons,” Marcel-Culbert said. “That was it. I just fell in love with it.

“I think it’s kind of magical the way you can make something two-dimensional look three-dimensional,” she said, adding she loves capturing the nature and character of her subjects in her oil portraits.

A Kansas City, Mo. native, Marcel-Culbert said she has studied drawing and painting for more than 30 years under numerous professional artists, as well as in the more formal settings of university art courses, art center programs and museum classes.
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Hardin Valley Academy Toga Night

From left, Timera Rupert, Jasmyne Ewing, Jose Parrilla, Wendon Wright and Jordan Long Toga Night for Hardin Valley Academy Class of 2015 was celebrated by dozens of seniors Friday evening, Sept. 19, during the Hawks’ home varsity football game versus Maryville.

With “Uncle Sam” and “The Statue of Liberty” among the toga styles, seniors enjoyed a fun evening despite losing on the scoreboard against the mighty Red Rebels.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.