Clark ignites small debate over Farragut versus Maryville water

John Clark, owner, founder and roastmaster of Vienna Coffee Company in Maryville, appeared before The Rotary Club of Turkey Creek Sunset earlier this summer to talk coffee.

His appearance sparked a small debate, however: water taste in Farragut with First Utility District versus water taste in Maryville with City of Maryville as chief utility.

Maryville water, Clark said, makes for better tasting coffee.

With FUD water, “The water tastes fine, but if you’re going to brew the perfect cup of coffee, the total dissolved solids is a little on the high side … it doesn’t bring as much of the good-tasting stuff into the water from the coffee bean,” Clark said about FUD’s water source, not its processing from source to faucet, compared to City of Maryville.

“The Little River coming down out of the mountains is hard to beat,” he added.
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Change! Bring it on!

Change is inevitable, so we may as well enjoy it. For a long time I thought I didn’t like change. But since I try to be very careful about the words I use, saying “I don’t like change,” bothered me enough to take a closer look at those words. (Saying you don’t like something makes it so; and since change is inevitable, we may as well decide to enjoy it.)

What I realized is thinking I don’t like change is a lot of hooey! I do too like change! I love clean sheets, fresh towels, and the change in seasons. I like the time when day turns to night, night turns to day, each different day of the week, the growth in goodness of my children and grandchildren, new stuff like cars, shoes, books and such. I love a change of scenery, a vacation, and even “the change of life” had its very good qualities.
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Fun with Farragut Fleet

Noah Winston at Fun with Farragut Fleet Thousands of families flocked to the 13th annual Fun with Farragut Fleet event Saturday, Aug. 16, at Mayor Bob Leonard Park. The event, hosted by the town of Farragut, gave area children a chance to see up close the vehicles used by the Town’s Public Works and Parks and Leisure departments, along with various emergency agency vehicles. Children also received snacks and made crafts compliments of Knoxville Moms Blog.

For more photos from this event, please see Westside Faces in our print edition.