Epiphany Pageant

All participants from Sunday’s Epiphany Pageant are pictured, from the animals, to the angels, the Wise Men, shepherds, Mary and Joseph — and even King Herod.
Epiphany Day — also known as Theophany, Little Christmas or Three Kings’ Day — is celebrated Jan. 6, (also the 12th day of Christmas) and marks the official end of the holiday season. In Western Christianity, the day commemorates principally (but not solely) the visit of the Magi (or the Three Wise Man) to the Christ child, and thus Jesus’ physical manifestation to the Gentiles.

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One ‘Cool’ Olympian

Wagner, Cool Sports coach, is former ‘84 Olympic skater from Great Britain

(Left photo) Sue Jackson Wagner, left wearing her official Olympic jacket, is still queen of the ice nearly 34 years after competing in the 1984 winter games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, representing Great Britain. She works today as a private coach at Cool Sports Home of the Icearium in Farragut. Her daughters, Chloe, center, and Aimee, also are masters of the ice and regularly practice at the rink. (Top photo) As a national and international champion, Wagner, left, met Queen Elizabeth II. (Inside left skate) Wagner as a Holiday on Ice performer, a career she pursued in the years following her Olympic run. (Inside right skate) Wagner in an international competition during the time-frame leading up to her Olympic bid.
Sue Jackson Wagner will be eagerly watching late-night broadcasts when the 2018 Olympic Games kick off in February, and no doubt remembering her own time in the international spotlight.

The Farragut resident, who is now an ice skating coach at Cool Sports Home of the Icearium, competed in the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo, [then known as] Yugoslavia, as Great Britain’s lone female figure skating representative.

She placed 17th among the elite few who included the sport’s gold-medal winner, Katarina Witt, from what was then East Germany.

“It is everything you have worked toward – it’s every kid’s dream, then you go out and do the best job you can,” she said.

“Children will ask me if I won any medals,” she added with a smile. “They don’t realize what an honor and achievement it is just to make it to that level.”

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Sims to help Ghana orphans

Sydney O’Leary, left, and Farragut residents Dianne and Mickey Sims look to help orphaned children in Ghana.
While Farragut residents Mickey and Dianne Sims have a few New Year’s resolutions in mind, both have a much bigger goal: they want to see a lot of houses built for orphans and other poor children in Ghana.

They are supporters of a ministry, Feeding the Orphans, started in 2010 by their friends and former Farragut residents Righ and Kristie O’Leary and their daughter, Sydney. The O’Learys set out to provide food for orphaned children in West Africa.

Over the last few years, though, the nonprofit has expanded to include homes, education, clean drinking water and other essentials. Even with everything they’re doing, the need in Ghana is huge. Now there’s a brand-new goal.

“Part of our dream for 2018 is to start building our first village of homes where eight to 10 children would live with a mom and dad,” Mickey said. “FTO has been renting homes there and has been involved in the building of others. These homes have been safe homes for children at risk. Even the government officials have come to trust and depend on FTO homes.

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Pet vaccine reactions mostly mild, rare

Ask the Vet

Q: My neighbor was telling me about her dog, “Milo,” and the reactions “Milo” has to his annual vaccinations. My dog has never had a problem with any of her shots. I’ve never even heard of pets having reactions to their shots. Can you tell me more? G.O., Knoxville

A: Yes, dogs and cats may both have vaccine reactions. Certainly, most of the time, nothing happens. Local pain, soreness and mild lethargy can occur, but is generally self limiting and lasts no longer than one or two days.

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