Fishing Rodeo draws anglers of all ages

Jedediah Poff, 5, son of Ben Poff of Loudon, brought a .59-pound catfish to be weighed during the 32nd Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo at Anchor Park on Saturday, May 14. Children from 1 year old to 14 fished Anchor Park’s banks for catfish during the 32nd Annual Bob Watt Youth Fishing Rodeo.

The event, hosted by town of Farragut, took place at Anchor Park in Farragut on May 14 and was sponsored by the Watt family, Farragut resident Charley Benziger and Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, which stocked the pond with about 600 pounds of catfish on Monday, May 9.

“It’s just a beautiful day, and the kids are excited about fishing,” Stephanie Brown, Farragut resident, said. “[Daughter Nellie-Kate, 2,] kept saying, ‘Fish. Fish.”

“Do the fish know we are fishing for them?” Hamza Muhammed, a Farragut boy, asked. “Are they that smart?”
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KCSO cites eight restaurants for serving minors

Simeon Kross, left, Snappy Tomato owner, gets ready to speak behind Capt. Allen Mays of Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Knox County Sheriff’s Office cited eight Farragut food and drink establishments for allegedly serving beer to minors.

KCSO cited Big Kahuna Wings, El Paraiso, Casual Pint, Hana Sushi & Hibachi, Mind Yer Ps and Qs, Snappy Tomato and China Pearl with selling beer to undercover underage officers during an April 21 sting.

Farragut Beer Board heard each of their cases May 12. All of them received a choice between fine or temporary suspension.

Representatives from all of the businesses plead guilty except for two of them, El Paraiso, for which no representative attended the meeting and Snappy Tomato, for which Simeon Kross, the owner and operator, said he was not guilty of the charge.

“The sale was not completed,” Kross said. He said the beers had remained on the counter. “That is not the customer’s table, not the customer’s hand,” he said.
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Town, FBA discuss funding for FY 2016-17

Farragut Business Alliance requested $70,000 of Town funding for next fiscal year.

David Purvis, FBA president, and Alderman Louise Povlin, FBA Board member, explained their reasoning for the request and the actions of Farragut Business Alliance at a Board of Mayor and Alderman Workshop Thursday, May 12, at Town Hall.

“FBA funding is not for the businesses. It’s for the Town,” Purvis said. “To be honest with you, if I was not involved in FBA, my income would go up.”

Purvis said 68 percent of the Town’s budget came from Sales Tax, yet the Town spends less than 1.64 percent of its total budget on economic development activities.
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Beer Board approves two on-site licenses

Thanks to recent decisions by the town of Farragut Beer Board, Crossfit Farragut may now serve beer after yoga classes and the Kroger Marketplace at Brooklawn may serve 4-ounce samples of beer from local breweries on site.

Mary Ann “Molly” Stiles, store manager of Kroger Marketplace at 189 Brooklawn St. applied for a permit to have a growler station inside of that store. The application is unrelated to Kroger’s recent approval for wine sales, although wine would be located nearby.

The bar would serve beer from local breweries.

“Those beers typically are not pasteurized. They’re a little bit pricey at times, but they’re also made here very locally,” she said. She said customers could try and see if they liked the beers from the different local breweries. The station would serve up to two pints in total, but only within the 12 seat serving area. The Beer Board unanimously approved a Class 2 on site permit for Kroger’s growler area.
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Non-profit groups apply for Town grants

Thirteen nonprofits applied for grants during a workshop for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen April 7.

While money will not be granted to them for fiscal year 2016/2017 until BOMA approves a budget for that year, the event gave the organizations an opportunity to present their cases to the Aldermen.

The total amount of money requested was $89,885.

Kandis Burney, executive director, spoke for the Autism Society of East Tennessee and requested a grant of $3,000. Her group puts together activities for people with autism as well as their parents, and did not apply for any grants this year.

R.E. Foust represented the Knoxville Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad. He asked for $5,000 next year.

“In Farragut, we estimate we have responded to at least 20 automobile accidents per month,” he said.
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police reports

• On April 22, 2016, at 1:08 p.m., Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a vandalism to a business call at Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center at 10925 Kingston Pike in Farragut. The victim, owner of Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center, stated that he witnessed the suspect’s vehicle allegedly drive through the grass, running over the go cart railing and then onto the go cart track. The suspect drove around the track several times. The victim approached the suspect’s vehicle, a 2013 BMW SUV, to investigate and take pictures of the suspect’s vehicle. The victim was taking pictures of the suspect when the suspect tried to leave the go cart track bumping the victim’s leg. The suspect then backed up on the track went to the opposite side of the track, then ran over the railing onto the grass then circling around to exit onto the parking lot. The suspect then exited the business westbound onto Kingston Pike. The picture showed the suspect’s tag and Farragut High School parking pass number. Upon investigation the vehicle was located at Farragut High School. The suspect admitted to leaving Farragut High School and going onto property at 10925 Kingston Pike and driving onto the go cart tracks. The go cart railings were bent and the tires around the track were damaged as a result of the suspect driving over them. Warrants were issued for aggravated assault and vandalism. Estimated loss is $500. read more