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As most of our citizens are aware, the town of Farragut completed a community branding program earlier this year, and we are actively working to incorporate our new lo-go and brand here at the Town Hall, in our digital spaces and physically around Town with the installation of new entrance and park signage later this year. One of the most valuable services provided by our community branding consultant, North Star Destination Strategies, was extensive research on the perceptions of our citizens as well as visitors to Farragut. read more

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Support Continental

At its monthly board meeting Aug. 20, the board of directors of Farragut Business Alliance discussed Continental Property Company Inc.’s revised rezoning request. Following the discussion, the board affirmed that its position remains unchanged from that submitted for Town officials’ consideration in a letter dated June 30: “The FBA supports Continental Property Companies, Inc.’s request for rezoning from R2 to R6.”

In addition to the above, FBA shared with officials the following excerpts from a letter submitted by one of our business owners, as it clearly outlines some of the reasons — above and beyond our previously reported survey results — for our support:
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