town view: Engineering

When the Town of Farragut was incorporated in 1980, two of the main reasons cited for incorporation were the desire to control our own destiny and to support local projects that were in the best interest of our community. In large part, the Town was and continues to be focused on developing its roadway and pedestrian infrastructure through our planning and development efforts.

Farra-gut’s Engineering Depart-ment began with a part-time employee who managed engineering contracts. Later, the Town hired a capital projects director who oversaw our engineering program and then hired the first full-time Town Engineer in the early 1990s. Today, the engineering staff has grown to two professional engineers, two engineering technicians, a stormwater coordinator and an administrative assistant.
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letters to the editor

Amendments by the [Farragut Municipal] Planning Commission to build these apartments are obviously going to benefit:

1.) The owners of the land 2.) The builders 3.) the owners of the finalized development.

They will end up with higher priced units because of their location.

The people of Farragut will loose and in higher amounts.

A.) Traffic will increase ( I will pay for that as will everybody else who lives here ) in hard cash.

B.) Lower quality of life ( this one not in cash, but still important )
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