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Cataldi seeks support

While I was in the Navy I had to make decisions. As a leader I found, and as an instructor of Leadership at the Naval Academy, I taught, that the best decisions are made with complete and accurate information. And even the best decisions will probably offend someone.

In the military we don’t always have the complete picture. In government, however, whether it’s the Home Owners Association or the Board of Mayor and Aldermen or the Federal Government, there should rarely be a decision made without complete and accurate information. Being invested in the input sources on a subject or issue, however, can color a decision. An example might be supporting a proposed apartment complex off Smith Road when you’re on the FBA and then voting against it at the FMPC only because 150 of your Village Green and Fox Den neighbors objected to the traffic that complex would impose on Smith and Grisby Chapel Roads. You’re set up for a conflict of interest.
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