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• Farragut Town Board operates very similarly to the passage of Obamacare, pass it and we will find out what they did. On April 3 the Community Development department presented a “Home Improvement Pitfalls — A General Code Overview for Homeowners and Builders.” We are all aware how few people attend these meetings, It would be far more honest and reasonable to publish a detailed booklet in simple English, not legalese, detailing all the rules and regulations of these codes, when they were passed and distributed to all tax-paying residents. We are entitled to know what has been passed. My last visit to Town Hall I was informed Farragut has no records prior to 1985! That seems ridicules since the Board is pressing the Historical significance of Farragut. We are all living at the mercy of the Town Board [that] seems to be running [its] own little fiefdom. Clean up your act and be honest with the residents of Farragut!

Editor’s Note: According to Town staff much of the information presented at the “Home Improvement Pitfalls — A General Code Overview for Homeowners and Builders” workshop is available at Citizens can call the Community Devel-opment Department anytime from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with specific questions regarding building or home remodeling at 865-675-2384. Also, the town of Farragut does not collect or levy a Property Tax on its citizens. Property Tax citizens in Farragut pay is to Knox County, which funds Farragut public schools, Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Knox County government.
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