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• To all the uninformed complainers about the FBA and other economic development efforts funded by the town of Farragut out there, do your homework before spouting off. Broad-based statements like, “it’s the FBA’s fault that we didn’t keep Aubrey’s and Krispy Kreme” are ludicrous. A simple Google search or even a review of the FBA’s most recent minutes — readily available on their [sic] website — reveals the following: Aubrey’s has been trying to sell its Farragut location for over 10 years … and Krispy Kreme closed over 180 stores when it closed its Farragut location, as it realigned assets to the northeast in order to sell a month later for over $1billion. I don’t know about you, but common sense tells me that the FBA was not in a position to talk Krispy Kreme out of a $1billion deal! A little due diligence before ruining peoples’ professional reputations and taking down organizations you know nothing about would go a long way. [Redacted] … Keep it up, and you’ll be enjoying a new Property Tax this time next year! read more