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• I think Farragut should stick to [its] guns on [its] sign ordinance. The reason Farragut is such a nice community is because there are not a lot of random signs all over Town like Pigeon Forge for example. Businesses want to cash in on the wealth of doing business in the community, but don’t like following the rules that make the community a great place to live and bring the wealthy people into the area. I purposefully do not frequent businesses [that] in bad taste post their signs illegally throughout the community. I just wish Knox County had such a strict sign ordinance.

• Had to laugh at the flower guy and his wife complaining about the Farragut sign ordinance. The story said the guy drove past a rodeo sign on his way to Town Hall that was illegal. The only rodeo sign I have seen is the one on Northshore Drive near the YMCA. That area is in Knox County and isn’t in Farragut. Wish these people would learn their geography before opening mouth and inserting foot.
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