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• Many thanks from an Andover resident for the rapid response by David Smoak, The BOMA, and public works department to our road repair. The new job looks great and the people accomplished the repair in two days, which I appreciate. Thanks again for listening and repairing!

• To the person who complained about the price “gouging” at the FBA sponsored Farragut food festival a few weeks ago, please get your facts correct, as you are way off base. I defy the complainer to go out to eat anywhere in Knoxville and drink as much wine and beer as they wish, and eat food from Seasons, Longhorn, The Shrimp Dock, Aubreys, Big Kahuna and 20 other quality places for $25. It cannot be done. Further, the people who work these events (volunteers) eat for free. So if you are unhappy try something unusual and volunteer to work the event (rather than complain) and you can do something worthwhile for the Town and as well as eat and drink for free. The Farragut Business Alliance sponsors the event. Their people work the event. Their people volunteer for the event. Their people stay to midnight and clean up the trash for free. Their people get paid zero for the event and do it to make Farragut the great town it is. Next year, I suggest, you stay home, save your $50, and miss out on a great time, good fellowship and helping the community.
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