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• It is my understanding from those opposed that they are appalled that anyone would vote yes to the rezoning since they have spoken so loudly and since the mayor voted yes they want to recall him from office. Yet Fox Run, Saddle Ridge and Concord Hills are absent from the meeting. Fox Run’s board stated they are in support and ambivalent of the project. The more I learn, I discover they are not speaking for the majority of our citizens.

• I’m a Village Green resident and I kinda of wondered about the special assessment of $3,200, so a friend of mine asked her attorney and was told that aside from making your home much harder to sell that you as you pay the $3,200 special assessment in installments of $400 a year, so that if you try to sell your home before the eight years that you will have to pay off the remaining balance before you can sell that home. She explained, if I understand her right, that it was a debt of the owner of record the year the special assessment was placed. So, for example, if you pay $400 this year and next year put your home on the market, you will have to pay the remaining $2,800 at one time before you sell the home. Surprise, surprise, nobody tells us this stuff. For Pete’s sake, please vote no.
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