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• Very tired of the politicians at Farragut Town Hall continuing to moan about the loss of “revenue” from the phase-out of the Hall Income Tax. At the same time Board of Mayor and Aldermen have no problem spending $29,000 for shrubs at the Campbell Station I-40/75 exit ramps. Oh well ... I am sure the town of Farragut politicians can find some new taxes (oops, excuse me – “revenue sources”) to support their spending habits. By the way, will town of Farragut pay for the on-going yearly cost of trimming, mulching, fertilizing, weeding the new shrubs at the Campbell Station exit ramps? If these new shrubs get the same white-glove upkeep regimen as the shrubs on the Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands then the initial $29K cost will be peanuts compared to the on-going life-cycle cost of the new shrubs. Keep on spending BOMA. read more