Thompson discovers ‘multi-tasking, giving’ FHS student body

During a break from the normal grind on New Year's Eve, FHS principal Stephanie Thompson looks up information on her school's list of success stories during fall semester. Occupying a high school principal’s chair for the first time in her educational career, Stephanie Th-ompson is learning to appreciate how top students at Farragut High School manage their time — active in many clubs and members of sports teams while stilling keeping grade point averages of 4.0 and above.

“We have got the most talented kids,” Thompson, interim principal at FHS looking to earn full-time principal status after 2014-15, said. “…. A lot of our top kids are involved in multiple things. It’s just incredible to watch them flourish and be successful in multiple areas of their lives because of what that requires from them. It requires discipline, it requires time management.”

Although a teacher at FHS during the 2007-08 school year, Thompson said, “I think until you’re sitting in this [principal’s] chair where everything comes to you, you’re not necessarily as aware school-wide. I have renewed appreciation.”
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BHS wins CODEtn, FHS second

Bearden High School CODEtn team accepts its first-place check. From left are Brett Johnson, tech pro, radio systems corporation; Nick Warner; Grant Savage, lead designer; Sebastian Soldner, lead presenter; Jacob Rutherford; Paul Baeske, presenter; Max Neveau; Amy Moskal, web design teacher/sponsor; Adam Short, lead developer, and Andrew Bumpas. In a new competition about designing a software application that could solve real world problems, it came down to Farragut High School’s comprehensive guide to worldwide immunization versus Bearden High School’s simplification of the college scholarship searching process.

Bearden’s self-named “Tn20 Lab” eight-member team, all seniors, won the inaugural CODEtn Code Writing Competition finals, featuring eight schools from an original field of Knox, Blount and Anderson county schools, in Knoxville Convention Center Thursday, Nov. 20. Bearden earned a $5,000 “cash grant” for its computer classrooms. Second place Farragut earned a $1,000 grant.

Bearden’s winning software application, Eruditio, The Scholarship Finder, was an effort that began in early October.
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