Life choices include Hollywood at ‘My Amazing Life’

Jacob Rifenberrick, standing left, Spencer Chaloux, middle, and Hannah Beets discuss their options at the My Amazing Life retirement table. Tayler Tennant is a Hardin Valley Academy junior hoping the bright lights of Hollywood shine on her career.

“I chose to be an actor,” said Tennant, among more than 400 HVA juniors taking part in the school’s seventh annual My Amazing Life, which simulates the financial consequences of choosing a career, home and vehicle while raising children (the number of children is drawn at random) and dealing with various other expenses in the real world.

Each of HVA’s four academies took a turn at MAL in the school’s gymnasium Thursday, March 26.

Though her annual income as an actress was only $63,400 during MAL, “I’m going to Los Angeles after I graduate,” said Tennant, adding she is considering a career as a “movie actress, may-be action movies or something.
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Top rollercoasters chosen among 245 FMS Science Honors students

Abby Rhodes, left, teammed up with Hailey Yellin to produce The Goal Rider courtesy of their AHHA Enterprises “company.” An element of entrepreneur spirit was added to this school year’s Farragut Middle School Seventh-Grade Honors Science Class Rollercoaster contest.

With the business scenario being an amusement park struggling for revenue but seeking to award a $12 million contract to the top rollercoaster, “All of the kids are potential clients, they’re all vying for this project,” Elizabeth MacTavish, seventh-grade Honors science teacher and contest director, said.

With 245 seventh grade Science Honors students working on 123 rollercoasters — with wire, foam, tubing and wood among the materials — since “the middle to latter part of January” according to MacTavish, teams could vary from four- three- and two-student “companies” to students deciding to go solo and form their own company.
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