HVA pair win praise from Medal of Honor Foundation

Austin Christiansen, kneeling, and Brandon Pollock, both Hardin Valley Academy students in Amanda Wash’s journalism/newspapers class, are recording a visit to HVA by Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, retired U.S. Army Col. Roger Donlon and retired U.S. Army Maj. James Taylor, Friday morning, Sept. 12. Donlon and Taylor were two of several dozens recipients visiting Knox County during Medal of Honor Convention in Knoxville Sept. 10-13. A video from Amanda Wash’s journalism/newspaper class at Hardin Valley Academy has impr-essed Congressional Medal of Ho-nor Foundation.

With HVA hosting two Medal of Honor recipients — retired U.S. Army Col. Roger Donlon and retired U.S. Army Maj. James Taylor — during the recipients’ convention in Knoxville Sept. 10-13, a class video “of about four minutes” won praise from the Foundation and has been chosen to be used on its website and in e-mails.

The video was successfully edited down by the class’s leaders in the effort, seniors Austin Christiansen and Brandon Pollock, after they filmed the recipients’ entire visit — roughly one hour and forty-five minutes — Friday morning, Sept. 12.

“I had other reporters who were doing reporting for our print, but it was really the two of them that got the video together and organized,” Wash said. “… Austin did all the editing. What [the Foundation] said and what he picked as far as editing goes was just spot on perfect.

“I think every choice that he made, every frame that he put in there encapsulated the emotion of that day,” Wash added.
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Olympics inspire curling at BHS

Bearden High School senior Nathaniel Hauser glides across the ice as he prepares to throw the curling stone. When two seniors saw the U.S. curling team at the Olympic Games last winter, they decided to start a curling club at Bearden High School.

“There were two key players who started the club and found a place to play — Ice Chalet on Kingston Pike in Bearden,” William “Bill” Schult, the club’s sponsor, said. “It all started with the last Olympic Games.”

Bearden High’s Adam Hasan and Chanhee Hwang started the club last winter.

Besides the Olympics, Adam said his brother, Shaddi Hasan, also was an inspiration. Shaddi is a member of a curling club in Berkeley, Calif., where he is in graduate school at the University of California.

“He used to always talk about curling,” Adam said. “[Chanhee and I] have always been casual fans of the sport. We thought it would be a fun thing to do.”
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