Gary’s investment helps pave the road to farragutpress

As a Farragut High School student in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and then as a young man marrying

Lisa Byerley, Jeff Gary was invested in the Farragut community.

He remained invested in many ways, especially through years of leadership in Farragut youth athletics.

Between all of this, Gary also was invested in a groundbreaking media event in Town history: the point-man, as editor, in getting the first edition of what is now farragutpress out to roughly 8,000 residents and business owners.

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Parang, staff 1988

Thirty years ago her stories filled the first issue of farragutpress

Donna Parang was among the groundbreaking journalists whose by-lines, as Lifestyles & Community Features reporter, helped fill the first issue of what is now farragutpress exactly 30 years ago, Sept. 13, 1988.

However, “Having a brand new baby” during this time, Parang’s weekly newspaper career would be short-lived. “… Quite frankly, as a reporter I didn’t make enough to pay for daycare,” she said.

Though Parang was on board at Farragut Press Enterprise “only about four months,” don’t scoff at the value of her roughly 17 weeks of employment.

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Once struggling, 10 now lead ‘Recovery’

Similar to this gathering, Recovery Ministry is under way at Concord United Methodist Church under the direction of the Rev. Wil Cantrell, CUMC associate pastor.
Been there, done that, learned from my mistakes — and I’m ready to help you do the same.

Such is the motivation of 10 group leaders, overcoming various dependencies including chemical, who are now using their experiences to help others with the same struggles in the Farragut area.

As the backbone of “a team of 20 leaders and 40 volunteers” with the Rev. Wil Cantrell’s weekly Recovery Ministry at Concord United Methodist Church, these group leaders have received training at the church after at least one year of having defeated their addiction/dependency.

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Avoid ‘blindsides,’ Wilson tells EDAC

A “welcome packet” for new Town of Farragut businesses, which would include detailed requirements for hosting a special event, was suggested by the co-owner of a West End Avenue business, claiming to have been blindsided by requirements for hosting its first anniversary celebration.

Dawn Wilson was invited by Farragut’s Economic Development Advisory Committee to speak about the experiences she and her husband, Dan Wilson, have had with Town officials and Town codes in getting their business, The DW Designs, started at 145 West End Ave.

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Police Report

• At 5:33 p.m., Monday, Sept. 10, Knox County Sheriff’s officers were dispatched to a Lake Haven Road residence in reference to a disturbance. Officers came into contact with the victim, who said about three days previously an unknown juvenile male suspect came to her house selling items. She said when she answered the front door the suspect shoved her into her house and then entered the house without the victim’s consent. Victim said she pushed the suspect back out the front door and then locked the door, adding the suspect then stood on the front porch for several hours. Victim told officers the suspect came back onto her front porch Sept. 10 and stood there for several hours. While speaking with the victim, officers said she had difficulty remembering her name and what was going on while officers were on scene. She told officers she wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, and asked if officers were some of the people calling her over the phone asking for her information.

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‘Macy’ not rejected by Farragut family

Dillon Sims enjoys some play time with Macy, the family dog, pulling on her chew toy as Dillon’s older brother, Kendall, watches alongside the family pool.
The fourth time was a charm for “Macy,” a 35-pound mixed breed dog adopted at Young-Williams Animal Center into a loving home.

Rejected by three families who adopted this dog — all apparently finding her behavior too much to handle and returning her to Young-Williams — the Sims family of Farragut was determined not to be the fourth.

Told by Young-Williams personnel about Macy’s returns, “That made us super sad,” Karen Sims said, adding the information about the dog’s excessive barking and other bad habits “didn’t actually” cause any hesitation to adopt. “We were not going to return this dog.”

However, “It did make us wonder what we would be working with,” she added. “The boys were already set on her, and it broke my heart that somebody would give up on a dog.”

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press talk

• (About ideas for the new Town Community Center) I’ve been wanting to talk about this: most of us can still shoot pool and do ping-pong. I really want those tables. We need something for free in that building. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others. More free things and just more activities. The ping-pong and pool table I would love to be able to have. And maybe a game or something.

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