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• It’s exciting news about the Hy-Vee company (considering) coming from Mid-America to Farragut. The chairman of (Farragut Municipal) Planning Commission always wanted a big retailer on the (proposed) property. And now we have one (potentially), a general merchandise and grocery retailer. And the mayor and vice mayor, I know they’ll do the correct thing and approve this deal. There are always a few people against anything, but the majority of people in Farragut, the 23,000 people, will love having the big general merchandise and grocery store from West Des Moines, Iowa. The (property owner’s) family has been long-suffering to get their property developed. They were denied the Mixed-Use Town Center unfairly, but now they get this great opportunity. Great news for Farragut.

• I was glad about the comment in the farragutpress about the Hy-Vee company (news story, starting on page 1A, on the company hosting a community gathering in Farragut Community Center in our June 22 issue) where the lady was very supportive of the new store in Farragut. There’s a lot of people who know Hy-Vee is a great, great store.

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