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Farragut Alderman Robert “Bob” Markli, Town mayoral candiddate, details his opposition to a Town Hotel/Motel Tax. Alderman Ron Williams, Markli’s mayoral opponent, will be offered equal space to share his Hotel/Motel tax views in an upcoming issue.

The question your Board of Mayor and Aldermen address today (Thursday, April 26) represents a tectonic shift in the way Farragut is run as it prepares to cast off moorings once firmly anchored to the bedrock principles of fairness, independence, lean responsive government, fiscal responsibility, transparency and low taxes espoused by founders like Ralph and Marianne McGill, Eric Johnson, Betty Dick and many others.

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duties candidate

Farragut Alderman Ron Williams, a candidate for Town mayor, wishes to clarify what it takes “to be an effective mayor.”

The basic duties of the mayor of the Town of Farragut are outlined in our Town charter.

To be an effective mayor requires a dedication to much more than carrying out the basic duties. First and foremost, an effective mayor must be willing and have the time to meet with residents to listen to residents’ issues and work through solutions.

An effective mayor must be able to devote the time to attend all the Town’s board, committee and staff meetings. Also, there are meetings with Knox County, Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization, Tennessee Municipal League, and National League of Cities.

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