letter to the editor

Delay Hotel-Motel Tax implementation due to COVID-19

Honorable Mayor and elected officials and townspeople of Farragut:

This is an open “APPEAL TO REASON.”

Recently and after much dialog and discussion the Town of Farragut passed a Hotel Occupancy Tax to be imposed on guests in hotels in the Farragut area.  This NEW tax is to begin with occupancy after June 1, 2020.  At the time of discussion and the vote the businesses of all in the area was robust, although in Farragut the hotel occupancy was not at high levels. 

This tax was presented to be a “no impact on the citizens and only a pass-along tax” on those visiting Farragut hotels.   The revenues from such tax were to be utilized to promote Farragut tourism, etc.  Now, the “Appeal to Reason.” 

 Since the vote on the NEW tax, our country has been literally shut down to most traffic, thus the occupancy in our hotels has plummeted to almost nothing in only a matter of weeks.  The President has mandated and governors throughout our country have backed up social distancing and the closure of all but essential businesses. 

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Latest COVID-19 update from Mayor Williams

Thanks to each of you for reaching out and sending your thoughts the last few weeks. I am very concerned with the safety of all of our Farragut residents. We, like the City of Knoxville and Knox County, are following the mandates by Dr. Martha Buchanan of the Knox County Health Department.

We have taken extra steps in closing Town Hall to the public. We have staff with underlying health issues working from home with the balance practicing strict social distancing and cleanliness. We have set up a new communication system for remote meetings in order to keep the Town running in a limp mode.

Our four parks are currently open for passive use only. Park restrooms, water fountains, playgrounds, pavilions and fields are all closed. We have asked all parents to discourage their children, especially teens, from congregating at parks. We are leaving the park trails and greenways open, but remind the community to practice social distancing while out walking for fresh air and sunshine.

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