FIS 100th Day features decorative, colorful T-shirt contest

Farragut Intermediate School students recently celebrated the 100th day of school with artistic flair.

Students decorated T-shirts as part of a contest sponsored by the school’s student council. Those T-shirts were judged Friday Jan. 27, in the school cafeteria.

“It’s exciting because I haven’t really won any contest yet,” said fifth grader Rilee Kate Ragan, who won first place for her grade.

Antoinette Williams, fifth-grade teacher and student council advisor along with Bobi King and Ashley Paquette, also fifth-grade teachers, said 100th day of school is celebrated because it is the halfway mark of the school year.

“The student council, when it met in the fall, wanted to celebrate 100th day,” Williams said. “We did a Google search and saw the T-shirt idea. We thought it would be a good idea.”

The contest made it possible for all students to celebrate something positive about school, she said.

“Nowadays, with so much work and rigor, kids feel like school is not much fun.”

Third-grade winners of the T-shirt contest were Ethan Dunlap, first place, and Colby Veith and Ann Prado, who tied for second place.

Fourth-grade winners were Cameron Helton, first place, and Sibley Walker, second place. Maggie Hughes won honorable mention.

Fifth-grade winners were Rilee Kate, first place, and Sawyer Beckman and Reuben Soans, second place.