guestview: Mayor Ralph McGill

Our state has a long heritage of volunteering for military and other public service, and Farragut citizens have proudly maintained this tradition since the town was founded over 35 years ago. In fact, the town’s leadership is composed entirely of elected volunteers who receive no compensation or salary for their work, and without our deep-seated volunteer spirit, Farragut couldn’t be what it is today.

With that in mind, we are looking for a few good men and women. Each June, the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen appoints citizens to advisory committees, councils and boards. This year, appointments will be made to the following committees: Arts Council, Beautification Committee, Board of Plumbing and Gas-Mechanical Examiners, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Devel-opment Committee, Museum Committee, Knox County Schools Education Relations Committee, Parks and Athletics Council, Personnel Committee, Stormwater Advisory Committee and the Visual Resources Review Board.

Serving on citizen committees is a great way to share your time and talents with the town. Applicants should plan to devote their time to attending monthly meetings, as well as participating in special projects and events, but the rewards of participation include getting to know residents with similar interests and having an up-close and personal experience with local government. Plus, it just plain feels good to know that you’re making our town a better place!

Applications for committee positions, available online at and at the Town Hall information center, are due May 13. Some committees have residency requirements. For more information, call the administration department at 865-966-7057.