letters to the editor

Invitation to the public

Ron Williams and Louise Povlin will be hosting our first joint community conversation on Tuesday, Feb. 7th, at 7 p.m. at the Knox County Sheriff’s Farragut substation in Turkey Creek, 11429 Parkside Drive.

As the Town is beginning the budget process for the 2018 fiscal year, we will give a brief overview of the budget process and how the Town of Farragut is funded.

Subsequent to the budget discussion, we will open the floor to topics the audience would like to discuss.

This is an opportunity for citizens to ask questions in a relaxed forum and to gain a better understanding about our town and how it operates.

If a citizen has a specific concern that requires research, we ask that you contact us via email beforehand so we can be better prepared to answer your questions at rwilliams@townoffarragut.org and/or lpovlin@townoffarragut.org.

Ron Williams

Louise Povlin