police reports

• Around 12:19 p.m., Feb. 7, a Knox County Sheriff’s Officer responded to Kohls, Kingston Pike address, for a theft by shoplifting complaint. Com-plainant/witness reported she observed the suspect take merchandise, which included jeans and shirts, and then exited the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise. Suspect admitted to taking the merchandise and was arrested. Merchandise was recovered from the suspect’s bag and cart. The merchandise total was $368, which is a class A misdemeanor. There is Kohls security video of the incident.

• Around 6:16 p.m., Feb. 7, KCSO responded to Kohls, Kingston Pike address, in regards to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, victim /complainant stated she witnessed suspect switch his shoes with shoes that belonged to the business, which had a retail price of $79.99. Complainant further stated suspect attempted to exit the business without purchasing the merchandise. Suspect was taken into custody.

.• At 12:33 a.m., Feb. 6, KCSO responded to an assault at Bull Feathers, Kingston Pike address. The victim stated he and the suspect got into an argument because the suspect was telling him he needed to take his “drunk a— mother home.” When the victim got into the suspect’s face, the suspect hit the victim. The victim and suspect then got into a physical altercation. They were then broken up by employees of Bull Feathers and escorted outside. The suspect was

gone when officers arrived. No other suspect information was obtained. The victim was

transported by Rural/Metro Ambulance to Parkwest Medical Center for treatment of his injuries: the left side of the victim’s lip was cut during the altercation.

• Complainant advised between 8 and 10:26 p.m., Feb. 4, an unknown suspect stole his Chevrolet pickup, valued at $20,000, from a Campbell Lakes Drive address. He advised the vehicle was locked and parked in the parking lot at the listed address. Complainant advised

he still has the keys in his


• The victim of a burglary at a Sagemont Lane address contacted KCSO General Assignment Division Feb. 3 to report items missing from his residence, valued at $5,253. A previous report was filed by the same victim for identity theft. Items included five cell phones valued at $2,900, an Apple watch valued at $700 and a Samsung Droid Base Tablet valued at $600. The victim advised he discovered his property missing after a suspect visited his residence and supposedly took and sold telephones belonging to him along with other items listed in this report. The victim advised he did not give suspect permission to use his telephones or other equipment missing from his residence. The victim was able to provide serial numbers for

most of the items missing. Investigation is ongoing.