Perry warns GOP about moral decay

Larry Perry’s list of accomplishments, occupations and overall life experiences — even without much detail given to each — could perhaps fill up a book itself.

This conservative author of 28 books, attorney, engineer, former professor, award-winning photographer and ex-CBS News technician was guest speaker during Concord-Farragut Re-publican Club’s monthly meeting Thursday night, Feb. 2, in Knox County Sheriff’s Office Turkey Creek precinct.

Saying he “put together” his latest book, “Why God Left America,” about a year-and-a-half ago, Perry said his incentive to write the book came from observing and researching the moral decline of the United States plus a misunderstanding about this nation being a democracy.

“You talk to kids in school, and they don’t realize that this is not a democracy,” Perry said.

Correcting a teacher and some students he spoke to in Syracuse, N.Y., Perry recalled telling them, “‘No, this is a limited Republic. We elect people’” who make laws on our behalf.

“There’s been a lot of discussion, especially in religious circles, whether or not [President Donald J.] Trump is the David [Biblical] of our era?” Perry said. “[David] wasn’t a perfect guy, but he came in and saved the Jewish people. … The question is, ‘Is Trump that guy of our time?’ It’s looks like he’s getting off to a good start.”

Despite the title of his book, Perry said, “America left God.”

Perry said the first thing to do “if you want to take over this country without a shot being fired. … You’ve got to get rid of patriotism.”

Perry said he “had taught several classes” at the University of California at Berkeley, “and they are totally nuts. That’s the understatement of the year.

“I was teaching classes in entrepreneurship, and at Berkeley you have to spend about six months unlearning them all of that crap that they’re teaching them in California schools that ‘profits are evil,’” he added.