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• I just got stopped at the traffic light at Virtue Road and Kingston Pike. It’s after 9 o’clock at night, there are nine other cars in line, all stopped, and there’s not a single car coming off of Virtue Road. Talk about a phantom red light. What a terrible idea to put a traffic light at this intersection. At the very least they should have this on flashing yellow from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. I can’t believe that we are inconveniencing so many people for the sake of so few.

• I was very sorry to read about the town of Farragut considering putting cell phone towers in every new subdivision that comes about. I really wish you’d do your research on this for the founding fathers of Farragut, to uphold your reputation. There’s an illness being researched by the World Health Organization, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which is caused by all of our electronics — our WiFi’s, our cell phone towers — and it’s

beginning to make a lot of people sick. For future generations, really reconsider this. Go out, do your research, look into electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It’s being forced a lot in American. Corporate America, of course, is very fond of this. Cell phone companies believe there are no health issues; of course they would. Take the lead and follow Canada and other countries in this world. They are beginning to put down laws and regulations on cell phone towers and where we can put WiFi. Take WiFi out of your schools. Look at the increase in brain tumors in children. Protect your future generations. Do your research Farragut, long and hard, before you make this decision.

Editor’s note: Town is following a federal mandate requiring these telecommunications poles to be placed in certain locations. Secondly, Town officials have emphasized they will look for alternative sites [other than subdivisions or residential areas], if possible, on which to place these telecommunications poles.