• I appreciate this opportunity. I live on Pryse Farm Boulevard directly off McFee Road. And it regards the item that was in the paper (Through The Lens, Feb. 21 issue) about a Town property tax to fund a Farragut Police Department relevant to the speeding issue in Farragut. I have to say I’m completely in favor of it. The speeding that goes on at McFee Road in front of McFee Park is horrific.

There is speeding, there is racing, there is drag racing, there is every kind of speeding condition that takes place at any time or any day of the week. We desperately need some protection. I have gone down to the (Knox County Sheriff’s Office) on three occasions to see if something could be done to at least control it. I know I’ve clocked speeding going on at 70, 80 mph, and it’s not uncommon and it is all the time. I really hope something can be done about it. I’m very much in favor of bringing some safety to the area because right now it is not safe.

• (Last) week I paid my ridiculously high annual bill to Rural/Metro. I sure would like to see the Town of Farragut look into providing fire protection for its residents. I would gladly send my annual $500 payment to the Town of Farragut rather than sending it to Rural/Metro.

• Regarding traffic-calming devises on Sonya Drive, I am responding to a (caller) in the Feb. 28 Presstalk who addressed what he refers to as “problems with speedbumps.” Many of us on Soyna Drive have been asking for years for some method of controlling fast drivers on the street. A lot of families with small and school-aged children live on Sonya, and a busy sidewalk that serves the high school and middle school empties onto Sonya Drive. We are not asking for the log-like bumps. but rather for the low, wide hops that remind people to slow down where children are walking and cars are exiting their driveways. This dangerous situation has existed since the high school was built, and we believe we are extremely lucky that no one has been killed here yet. Just a few weeks ago a car lost control, coming fast over the hill, and ended up sliding down the hill into our side yard. Just two weeks ago I was almost hit trying to get out of my own drive(way). We are very appreciative to the Town of Farragut’s recent willingness to address our concerns on Sonya Drive.