• I’ve lived in Farragut for over 35 years, and lived in several different areas. On a daily basis I travel on backroads and main roads. There are a few streets where speeding is definitely an issue. These include Midhurst, Sonja and (inaudible). I currently live in the McFee area, and can positively state there is not only speeding going on, there’s also racing.

There is also a continuous slew of discarded liquor bottles along McFee (Road). Law enforcement is obviously needed in these areas, but I’m against a Farragut Police force. Mainly I feel this way because the main routes of Kingston Pike, Northshore and Campbell Station are so busy there is rarely an opportunity to speed. As a matter of fact, there is an issue with people driving in the left lane under the speed limit. I see people every day driving between 30 and 35 mph in the left lane. Please use the right lane if you are unwilling to drive the posted 45 mph speed limit.