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• A cafeteria would be a great business addition to Farragut. A cafeteria does not presently exist. There are pizza restaurants and plenty of fast food restaurants. A cafeteria would have a large variable selection.

The cafeteria would be popular with seniors who have trouble getting food. A cafeteria would be popular with tour lines and people working in the Farragut area. The nearest cafeteria is properly in Bearden which is about 15 miles away. This would be a win-win situation for the people of Farragut and the cafeteria. Let’s hear your comments.

• Like many people in the Town of Farragut, I am very frustrated with the construction on Concord Road and the slow pace of progress. (Thirteen days ago) Friday, Sept. 20, not a single person was working anywhere on Concord Road. Was it a holiday? I checked on the computer; it was National Pepperoni Pizza Day. That is not a national holiday. The Town of Farragut closed Virtue Road, and then later top-coated Peterson Road, which took weeks during the Concord Road construction, which created a great deal of problems for people in south Farragut. This was very poor planning on the part of the Town. Did the Town of Farragut call the state of Tennessee and ask them to pick up the pace on the Concord Road project? It’s been weeks since the sidewalk portion of this project has had any work. This is very poor service from the Town of Farragut and the state of Tennessee.

• I’m talking about the intersection between McFee and Harvey roads. Right now, if you’re coming down McFee Road, you actually have to pull onto Harvey Road to see if there’s any cars coming. (In late September) there was a three-car collision there. What we need to do is clean up that shoulder along Harvey Road so that people coming down McFee can see if there’s any cars coming first, rather than (having) to pull onto Harvey Road. I don’t know if anything can be done, but it would be really nice.