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• I’m writing to you all today because I’m very concerned for our local environment. We, as a community, are causing serious harm and probably not even aware of it. Our beloved pets are a huge source of this pollution.

I reached out to the Knox County sanitation department to speak to someone that could shed some light on this issue. It is estimated that between 1 and 2 tons of animal waste is dumped into our landfill each year. I had no idea this was such an issue until I witnessed a neighbor in Fox Den dumping his dog waste into his trash bin. Folks, this is raw sewage and should be treated as such. Dumping your dog’s and cat’s poo into the trash is no different than you defecating in a bag and throwing it away. We all need to train our furry friends to use the toilet. I’ve been working with my Great Dane for a couple of months with great success. Most of the time he, at least, makes it to the shower. There is no reason “We the People” of Farragut can’t lead the way on this campaign.

• Hello, this is a 25-year resident of Farragut. I saw recently where there was some discussion in Presstalk about a cafeteria in Farragut. I think that would be a wonderful idea. And I have a suggestion: we grew up in North Carolina, and there’s a cafeteria there called K & W, (which is) throughout North Carolina, and there’s some in Virginia and South Carolina. I think the furtherest west they come, they have a location in Asheville. I would love for someone in Farragut to reach out to them to see if they could expand here in Tennessee. I’m a little surprised we’ve grown so accustomed to a cafeteria style, but K & W is the best that I’ve ever participated in. It’s wonderful food and terrific service. I just wanted to throw that in there, and if somebody from Farragut wants to reach out to a leading cafeteria, that would be a good one to do.

• To the writer of the (Presstalk, Oct. 3 issue) on Concord Road construction, this project likely has a clause for bonuses for early and/or on-time completion. We have already been informed that the project will take two years. There are many points in a complex construction project where inspections must take place: utilities, concrete pours and lots of places around bridge construction. Sometimes sidewalks can’t be completed until utilities are inspected and completed. I think we all want construction to be done safely and efficiently. I can’t speak for the construction company or the state or other inspectors, but we need to let these people do their jobs. I’m confident there is a person at the city of Farragut who is on top of project progress and getting periodic reports.