Leilani big winner at TN Valley Fair

Leilani Johns with her Tennessee Valley Fair Best of Show award.
Farragut fifth-grader Leilani Johns put her natural talents and interests to the test in September, coming away with a slew of awards at Tennessee Valley Fair.

It was the homeschooled student’s second year competing in categories that included Arts and Crafts, in which she again won “Best of Show” for her paper fashion doll dresses.

In horticulture category, Leilani won first place for tomatoes and second place for chili peppers, both of which she grew last summer.

Lelilani branched out this year into the Poultry Division, winning “Duck of Show” for her Cayuga male drake that lives on a family farm. She also earned first place for a holiday wreath, a table decoration and a homemade scarecrow — with latter award besting adult competitors. “I am very proud of my fashion-maker and homesteading accomplishments,” Leilani said.