Concord Road Project finish pushed back

The following is an e-mailed statement from a few days ago concerning the construction progress of Concord Road Widening Project from Mark Nagi, Tennessee Department of Transportation Community Relations officer representing Region 1 (East Tennessee):

“As with most construction projects, there have been a number of unforeseen issues arise impacting the Concord Road project in one way or another. 

“However, to this point in the contract the only noted delay to the critical path stemmed from a utility relocation.

“The revised completion date of the project is Fall 2021.

“Construction for the project is ongoing. The turn lane for motorists traveling north on Concord turning left onto Turkey Creek Road cannot be restored at this time due to utility relocations and construction activities in front of TDS and along the left side of the alignment.

“I know they are looking to see if it is possible to reopen the southbound right lane turning onto Turkey Creek Road, but no decision has been made at this point, as these lanes are planned to remain closed through the completion of the first phase of construction. 

“This intersection has been reviewed with the Town of Farragut, who has performed a traffic study to optimize the signals to improve the capacity during this phase of construction.

“We will continue to work with the Town of Farragut and other partners to minimize the impacts to traffic throughout the project area.”