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• I think the wall on Campbell Station (Road) would look fine if it were just painted. Just paint it and it will look fine.

• Since you recently invited suggestions for new recreational business venues, I would like to see a roller-skating rink or a dance hall (with a stage for the live band).

• I read (last week) on that the Concord Road widening project has been delayed an additional year and will not be completed until fall 2021 because one of the utilities made a mistake. Could the farragutpress do a story and find out the answers to these questions: what has caused the delay of the widening of Concord Road from Turkey Creek (Road) to Northshore (Drive)? Which utility made the mistake? What is the mistake? Where on Concord Road is the problem? How long will it take to open the turn lane going south on Concord Road turning right onto Turkey Creek? How long will it take to open the turn lane going north on Concord Road turning left onto Turkey Creek? (Editor’s Note: In July, Mark Nagi, Tennessee Department of Transportation Community Relations officer representing East Tennessee region, characterized the utility relocation as an “issue, the cost of which will be the responsibility of the utility ...” in a farragutpress story updating the project’s progress. Neither in July nor in an updated progress statement a few days ago — see “Concord Road Project finish pushed back,” Page 1A — did Nagi give any other detail about the utility “issue.” While confirming the revised project completion estimate is now fall 2021, Nagi said in his July update the project’s completion date was estimated to be June 2021, not Fall 2020 as implied by the caller’s information).

• This is concerning the wall on Campbell Station Road. There’s been a lot of talk about it, and I can’t believe those construction companies came back with a humongous bid. And now even the Town of Farragut wants to spend over $200,000 to fix it. It’s not an eyesore like some of the other things in Farragut. It looks fine to me, and as long as it’s functional and you keep up the maintenance on it, I don’t think it needs to be changed. Maybe you should ask all the citizens of Farragut (if they) have an opinion about this. There’s a lot of other necessary things that need to be done in Farragut with that money. It’s like blowing $200,000 in my mind.

• A very nice restaurant was established many years ago. Most of us who have lived here for some time enjoyed lunches after church, family events and just good food at Aubrey’s. Aubrey’s, please come home to Farragut.

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