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• With the new boom in building, buyers of newly built homes need to be aware of the four-year statute on builders. If the homeowner has a serious issue that hasn’t been resolved or even discovered within four years you are out of luck. Neither the state Contractors Licensing Board nor the state Dept. of Consumer Affairs will help you. Also, writing to your governor and state legislators will not result in any action. It will become a hefty legal matter at your expense where you will have to prove fraud and even gross negligence in Tennessee. ... Even new construction needs inspection, and the better route would be to hire a structural engineer that has home inspection services. Do not think that Knox County building inspections will be your saving grace. Many homes have received Certificates of Occupancy with major issues, even after being sited on unresolved violations.

• I enjoyed watching my first Veterans Day Parade downtown (recently). However, I was disappointed to see that one group participating in the parade was a partisan political party. I think Veterans Day and the Fourth of July should be free of partisan politics. Especially on these two days, we can and should rejoice in our joint American Heritage and honoring service men and women who sacrificed without regard to political affiliation. I would like to suggest that the Farragut leaders of the wonderful 4th of July Parade this year have a nonpartisan parade in 2020.

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