Safety value of red-light cameras is questioned

There are arguments on both sides of the red- light camera issue — for and against. I can find “experts” opinions on each side of the argument. Some say it improves safety. Others have statistics that it does not.

Many have arguments that it’s actually unconstitutional and even some in our state legislature argue against them and preach not paying the tickets since they say they aren’t enforceable anyway.

In my opinion I feel that it boils down to a revenue grab that abuses the local citizenry. The evidence to back up my opinion is that Knox County was sued by the red light camera company for not enforcing right turns on red tickets which reduced their projected revenue.

So, who’s running this scheme? We the people or this money grubbing company?

I don’t know who is in charge of the red light cameras in Farragut Town limits — if it’s the town or the county but I advocate abolishing all red light cameras for our community.

If we want law enforcement to enforce intersection traffic laws then lets put officers physically there.

These cameras are not the answer.

Keith Kail