Mind Yer P’s & Q’s to re-open March 1

Mind Yer P’s & Q’s — which closed its doors in the Renaissance in 2019 after a five-year run — will re-open March 1 under new ownership.

James R. Sexton appeared before Farragut Beer Board Thursday, Jan. 23, requesting a Class 4 on-premise beer permit, and sharing news about the reopening.

Sexton said he will be the owner, and will have help from his children to run the establishment.

“I’ve been in the business about 40 years,” he said, noting he began in the field with Catfish Cabin in Knoxville in 1982, then worked at Smoky Mountain County Club, among other places.

He said once opened, Mind Yer P’s & Q’s will have a larger menu than it had previously offered.

“We are all very excited you will be bringing back P’s & Q’s,” Farragut Vice Mayor Louise Povlin said. “It was always a nice place to go.”